The End of an Era

After 11 years, I’ve decided to close the Three Muses website. I will continue to make costumes when I can, but under my own name or @CandyKcosplay (Facebook, Etsy, eBay, Twitter, Instagram)

I am so very ready to close the retail biz! It was a great run but I am ready to move on and am really excited to get a break from the 24/7 world of running a busy e-commerce site (and boutique as well).

I am leaving this blog up but probably won’t be adding new posts. I am mostly concentrating on my Geek Mamas project and posting there. You can also find me on Facebook at:


Halloween costumes – Thinking outside the package

It’s that time of year again, when we have an influx of first time customers who are often expecting a normal costume store. They come in with a photo of a packaged costume and want the whole thing just like the picture from the hat to the same stockings.

Can we do that? Yes.  Do we like to? Not really.

I don’t understand the fun of taking something out of a bag and then trying to look like the photo on the front. The stuff never looks like that anyway! Package costume catalog photos are incredibly deceiving. And who wants to spend all that money just to look like five other girls at the party? We encourage originality, inspiration and creativity. Think of that packaged costume as a starting point and go from there. Don’t be stuck in the same old costume rut! Make it your own.

Need some ideas of how this is done? It’s all about layers, accessories and make-up. Here’s four examples of costumes that started in the bag and became much more. The photo on the left is the catalog photo. The photo on the right shows where you can take it with a little imagination. And yes, we sell all these bits and pieces in the store. That’s what makes it a different kind of costume shop!



This costume is Polka Dotty by Leg Avenue. It’s cute on it’s own, but I had to do something different! I added the split tone wig, Harry Herbert monster kit, purple waist cincher, blue and purple tutu, neon green fishnets and teal blue fuzzy leg warmers.

Pirate Vixen

Pirate Vixen

Here we have Leg Avenue’s Vixen Pirate Wench and swashbuckler hat. I was pretty excited to get this costume at first. This was before I had a store! The costume arrived and it was too big in the waist. It just sort of hung off me and looked sad. So I took off the front lacing and attached it to a real corset. Fit problem solved!  I also added a striped skirt to the bottom and a pirate belt and pouch.

Miss Krueger

Miss Krueger

This one is the Miss Krueger costume by Secret Wishes. I don’t even sell it in the store anymore because it was so terrible right out of the package! The dress was incredibly ill fitting, like a scratchy turtle neck. And the glove fell apart the first time I put it on. I had to go through and wire each finger piece back on and reattach the top part to the glove. The hat it comes with is a really stiff felt fedora, like something you might get at a party store, so I got a nice real hat that fit better. The other one kept falling off my head. I also slashed up the dress and attached it to a bra to make it a more customized fit. Of course the thing that really sets this one apart is the make-up! I used 3-D gel to create a burned appearance on one side and FX blood in the dark color.

Miss Wonderland

Miss Wonderland

This is another Leg Avenue outfit that is actually cute right out of the package, but I had to spruce it up just a little! This one shows just a few accessories can make the difference. I started with Miss Wonderland and just added a black leather waspie cincher and lace leg warmers. So don’t be afraid to start with something in a bag, but try and think of it as an inspiration and see where you can go with it!


1000 Incredible Costume and Cosplay Ideas, and 3 of them are from Three Muses!

1000 Incredible Costume and Cosplay Ideas

1000 Incredible Costume and Cosplay Ideas

There’s a new costuming book out that delivers just what it says – 1000 Incredible Costume and Cosplay Ideas.
The book, available on, features photos of each costume along with the name of the character, person in the photo and photographer. I have it sitting out at the shop so when people have no idea for an outfit I can be like, “Well here’s 1000.” They include several different genres from anime to TV shows, plus original works and some props as well. It’s a great overall peek into cosplaying. I’d love to see the idea expanded where you get to learn the story and work behind each costume. Some are so amazing you just want to know more!

The 3 photos from Three Muses that made it in were Harley Quinn, Alice & Mad Hatter and Spanish Rose Dawn (Cry for Dawn). Interesting selection because it pretty much encompasses my time at DragonCon throughout the years. The first big cosplay I did there was Spanish Rose Dawn for the Cry for Dawn look-a-like contest. The photos for Alice and Mad Hatter were actually shot there, on the side staircase in the Marriott. And last year I wore my new original version of Harley Quinn, which I will have back on the site and available this Halloween.

Cry for Dawn

Spanish Rose Dawn, by SolKat Photography

Alice and Mad Hatter, by Dim Horizon Studios

Alice and Mad Hatter, by Dim Horizon Studios

Harley Quinn, by John Rennie Photography

Harley Quinn, by John Rennie Photography

Little Monsters invade The Factory Jax at Square One for the Monster Mash

Last Saturday night the Three Muses monsters crawled out from under the bed (where all good little monsters hide) and attended the The Factory’s Monster Mash at Square One. John Rennie Photography set up an area to shoot us, the performers and all the monsterous attendees.

Check out the photos here:

We also provided the costumes for several of the performances including the outfits for Akasha and the Wolfgirl. And Kitten was sporting a new pair of golden Isis wings to complete her Cleopatra outfit.

The Muses were TMC head to toe with the new Leg Ave fuzzy monster heads, tutus, corsets, wigs, stack boots and fuzzy boots covers.

Three Monster Muses

Three Monster Muses

Where to get it:

Furry Leg Warmers by Adorable Foxie:

Fuzzy Monster Heads and paws:

Split 2-tone Wigs by Leg Avenue:

Stack Boots by Demonia:

Tutus by Bad Tulle & Leg Ave:

Purple Waist Cincher:

Neon Green fishnets:

Purple fishnets:


Just the beginning of summer and things are already heating up at Three Muses!

The store seems to be growing by leaps and bounds this year, even in the middle of what is usually the quiet season! Some of you may recall last year we were closed on Saturdays during the summer and then I actually closed the store all of July and took off for a little European adventure. That won’t be the case this year. We will be open even more days and hours, hopefully starting in July, August at the latest. The only time we will be closing is the week of DragonCon, as that is the kick off to our busy busy no sleep working 24-7 Halloween season.

We have more corsets than ever, and they seem to be multiplying behind my back. And now we’ve added leather! Nice, heavy real deal leather cinchers and corsets. We’ve phased out most of the higher priced costumes in favor of ones around $30-$40 that can be used as great starter pieces to create your own original look. The masquerade mask selection has exploded so much I haven’t had a chance to get most of them on the website. Who knew there were so many masquerades in Jacksonville? And as always, we have managed to keep the masks at an affordable range of $10-$20 while offering a unique selection straight from New Orleans.

The newest upcoming additons this summer will be pin-up dresses, more eyelashes and Xotic Eyes body and eye art, which we hope to grow into a full make-up counter before Halloween.

I am adding new items to the website nearly every day, but I never seem to be able to get it all on there. So there will always be more in the store than you see online. But you can see and shop about 80% of the store on the Three Muses website. And remember, if you see it on the website, we have it in the store.(with the exception of some of the shoes and custom made outfits)

Stop in and visit us this summer!

– Candy Keane

Owner, Three Muses Inspired Clothing

Celeste, Candy, Brema and Bridget of Three Muses

Celeste, Candy, Brema and Bridget of Three Muses


This weekend in the Muse

We’ve had one busy week after another and are just trying to keep up! A couple of fun photoshoots led to some great new photos. I posted some on my portfolio site for the new Harley Quinn outfit. More pics to come from several more costumes!

Coming up this weekend we have the Factory Prom on Saturday Night and The Steampunk Exhibition East on Sunday. The expo will be going on all weekend Fri-Sun, but we can only make it out for the last day. Looking forward to doing some shopping in the Grand Bazaar, checking out Cupcake Burlesque and watching the costume contest finals.

All weekend long we’ll be getting clips for the new video blog we’ve been planning. In the last year 2 different producers have contacted Three Muses about doing a reality show. Nothing has come out of either contact so far, so we decided we might as well just do our own show. So coming soon: The Thursday Evening Muse. We’ll be doing a wrap-up of the week, a little shop talk about what’s new in the store and what’s going on, maybe a how-to segment on costuming and then a details on the fun events coming up that weekend. More details coming soon… 🙂

Steampunk fairies

Steampunk Fairies, ready for battle


New cyberlox, tutus and steampunk style costumes

We’re busy prepping for Halloween and have added lots of new items. I’ve gotten a couple of the new steampunk style costumes on the website, but the new cyberlox and tutus aren’t up yet. And corsets, have a I mentioned we have tons of corsets? Also, most of the new costumes, including the steampunk ones, are on sale for half the price you’ll find them anywhere else!

We also got several new beer wench outfits in for all those upcoming Oktoberfests! We’ll be starting eary at the Northeast Florida Beer Cup on Sept. 15th. As always, all aspiring beer wenches are welcome to join our group. We also got the Beer Stein purses in stock for those who like to properly accessorize.

Looking forward to a fun Halloween season this year with lots of events!

Steampunk Victorian Alice in Wonderland

Steampunk Victorian Alice in Wonderland