Mandarin MiniCon 2 Costume Contest Rules

Mandarin MiniCon 2

Mandarin Minicon 2 will be held October 3, 11AM Р5PM, at Mandarin Square Plaza

Compete in the costume contest to win the Ultimate Cosplayer Prize Pack! First place comes loaded with free event tickets, geeky goodies, gift certificates and even a cosplay photoshoot.

See below for rules and details:

1) Contest starts at 3PM

2) Registration starts at noon and will be limited to the first 50 applicants. The judges table will be upstairs next to Three Muses. You will need to register and participate in pre-judging. This will be your chance to show off your costume details up close, explain what parts you made and who your character is. Registration cannot be called in.

3) Categories are 1st, 2nd, 3rd and kids. Kids category is basically for under 12, but we won’t be demanding birth certificates. Kids can compete in the main category if they prefer, but must choose one or the other.

4) Anyone can compete, including vendors

5) Costume can be any type or genre. Does not have to be a certain theme.

7) Judging criteria: we will have 3 judges. They will be looking at your presentation (are you in character?), skill (outfits personally made or assembled will rate higher than fully purchased outfits), and overall appearance.