The End of an Era

After 11 years, I’ve decided to close the Three Muses website. I will continue to make costumes when I can, but under my own name or @SewGeekMama (Facebook, Etsy, eBay, Twitter, Instagram)

I am so very ready to close the retail biz! It was a great run but I am ready to move on and am really excited to get a break from the 24/7 world of running a busy e-commerce site (and boutique as well).

I am leaving this blog up but probably won’t be adding new posts. I am mostly concentrating on my Geek Mamas project and posting there. You can also find me on Facebook at:


Corset Sale at Below Wholesale Prices! Sizes XS – 7X, Satins, Vinyl, Leather and Brocade

Just finished listing over 80 corsets on eBay for our huge corset clearance sale! Most start at just $4.99 with NO reserve and all have a Buy it Now price at below their wholesale cost. All corsets listed on eBay are also available in-store as long as there are no bids on it, it is available at the BIN price.

Three Muses on eBay:

Corsets range from sizes XS to 7X and features all different kinds of styles: overbust, underbust, cinchers and halfbust. Fabrics include satin, cotton, brocades, vinyl and leather. Many of the corsets have steel boning!

eBay Corset Sale

eBay Corset Sale

The difference between so-called latex corsets and steel boned corsetry

The first time someone asked for a latex corset, I assumed they meant a real corset made of latex. Then someone asked about a workout corset and I just thought they were weird. Well the requests kept coming so I asked Brema to do a little research on the matter and we discovered there was a whole waist training movement going on that has nothing to do with the pretty Victorian garments we are used to wearing and more to do with sweaty rubber girdles. I’ll now let Brema take over as Guest Blogger today to explain:

Latex Girdles vs. Steel boned corsetry

Latex Girdles vs. Steel boned corsetry

Lately Candy and I have been getting a lot of women coming into Three Muses Clothing asking about latex corsets. So we decided to do some research to help people differentiate between the latex corsets and steel boned corsets.

First of all what is a latex corset ? A latex corset is not actually a corset, but kind of like a fancy pair of Spanx with several sets of hook and eyes down the center. It has a latex core with a cotton exterior and interior lining. Some also come with plastic boning down the sides to act as anchors that keep the corset from rolling up.  They either come in a waist cincher style or a vest and can be called “waist training corset vest” or a “workout corset.”  The theory behind the workout corsets is that they work by stimulating thermal activity and ramp up perspiration, which supposedly helps eliminate localized and stored fat.  Much like getting a wrap at the spa or what the wrestlers wore in high school to quickly meet weight limits.  The vests are supposed to reposition fat and water weight so that eventually you cannot store fat in your abdomen any more.

So what are steel boned waist training corsets? They are corsets that go around the waist, under the bust and have steel front busks and lace in the back. The key to their shaping power is steel boning. The steel allows the corsets to be cinched in while also keeping their shape. The point of steel boned waist training is that as you slowly tighten the laces, it contorts your ribcage to the shape of the corset.

So what’s the difference between the two types? First off the latex corset is not a real corset. It’s a fancy new name for an old fashioned girdle made of latex. A true corset has boning and laces in the back. Secondly, there is no proof that the latex corsets actually cause a permanent change in your shape like the steel boned corsets. The steel boned corset moves your free-floating ribs and changes your actuall physical shape over time. They both give you an instant slimmer shape, but the latex corsets can still give you bulges in the back and side because the fabric and boning are not sturdy enough to hold you all in. When it comes to fat displacement I have seen it happen while wearing a corset both on clients and myself. With the latex corsets I can see the same thing happening because when I got liposuction back in high school (I was on a dance team where we constantly wore spandex) I had to get something similar to keep my skin against my body and to keep the leftover fat smooth. Another difference is that they have latex corsets for working out while it is usually recommended to workout with out your corset on so you can strengthen the abdomen muscles which are not used as much due to the steel boning supporting you.

I hope this has helped you decide which type of waist training you would be interested in. I personally love steel boned waist training because it helps my posture, cuts down on the amount I can eat, and is super sexy 😉 – Brema Ebbing

We do Jacksonville’s One Spark Festival Three Muses Style – 5 Days of Corsets and Cosplay

Last week Three Muses participated in a unique crowdfunding festival here in Jacksonville known as One Spark. We were competing with 609 other creators for a piece of the $310,000 to be awarded based on the votes of more than 260,000 people who attended. While only people who were physically at the festival and checked in were able to cast votes, a new option this year allowed anyone from anywhere in the world to contribute funds to their favorite projects through the website.

Our One Spark project

Our One Spark project

We didn’t participate last year and after attending one of the events, I felt like it was a missed opportunity. So when registration opened this year, I jumped at the chance to be a part of something potentially momentous. Problem was, I had no idea what my project would be. I wasn’t trying to start a new business and I didn’t have time to do anything not directly related to what Three Muses was already doing. Luckily the innovation category allowed for established businesses that wanted to take things farther and grow what they were already doing. So after years of contributing to countless funding campaigns for other people’s projects on the likes of Indiegogo and KickStarter, I decided to throw my hat into the crowdfunding ring.

Three Muses One Spark

The Three Muses table at Grease Rags

Our project was called Reintroducing the Art of Corsetry, because We Need a New Sewing Machine didn’t sound as catchy. But the basic idea was raising funds to get new equipment so we would be capable of producing our corsets and more items in-house rather than continuing to outsource overseas. Dreaming big, we figured if we could actually get a few machines then we could hold sewing classes in our workshop area.

Once I confirmed Brema was on board for five crazy days of talking about corsets, I got together our profile and we shot our video pitching our idea. A unique aspect of One Spark is that a venue has to choose to host your project. We were thrilled when Grease Rags Clothing Co. picked us and we immediately accepted. We have very complimentary stores and felt it was a great fit.


One Spark Jacksonville

One Spark Jacksonville

So for five long days and nights, Brema and I worked our butts off. We talked to everyone, did corset fittings and handed out over 300 cards as we pitched our idea and said our project number a million times. We ran back and forth from downtown to the shop, still managing to keep the store open every day. My mom came to visit and danced in the street wearing isis wings while handing out cards. We dressed as super heroes, video game characters, wore matching outfits and crazy tights. We visited other projects and cast our own votes. We posted incessantly online for people to vote and contribute.

Three Muses One Spark

Candy and Mom at One Spark

In the end, we managed to get 109 votes, which earned us $180.92 out of the $310,000. We raised a whopping $0 in contributions. (JULY UPDATE:  did not get enough votes to even get the money. So we got NOTHING.)

So between paying Brema to work the table and Jessica to work the store, food and gas, marketing, etc., I actually spent enough to have just gone out and bought some new sewing machines myself. But really, what’s the fun in that? I know for sure that doing the One Spark festival will pay off in the long run and quite honestly I wasn’t expecting much in the way of prize money so what we got was a welcome surprise. (JULY UPDATE: I wasn’t expecting much but to have the results say we would be getting something and then get nothing was a huge disappointment. And no, it did not payoff in the long run. Maybe 1 or 2 people came in that following week saying they saw us at One Spark)

The funds will be distributed in 4-6 weeks and when they are we plan to go shopping for a new sewing machine for the shop. The one we have now is getting a little old and temperamental. So just getting that small amount is pretty cool and we plan to put it to good use. (JULY UPDATE: Well that’s just depressing to read. That small amount would have indeed been cool.)

I feel the contacts we made at One Spark and the opportunity to connect with so many people was the most invaluable part of the festival. Every one of the cards we handed out was to people who were genuinely interested in what we had to offer. This was an incredible chance to directly market to people who will become future customers and those connections will pay off way more than the short term prize money.

(JULY UPDATE: Would I do this again? No. I think it’s great for someone who doesn’t have a fulltime job and can afford to be out there for 5 days pushing some new project. But to miss work and have to pay Brema to work the festival plus extra for working Sunday and pay to cover the shop and cover food and everything while we were there…it’s just too much. We made a lot more contacts just walking around. So we’ll definately be attending the festival again, just as attendees not creators.)

Big thanks to everyone who did come out and visit us and vote! And to Cindy at Grease Rags for being such a great host! We are already working on ideas for our project next year 🙂 (JULY UPDATE: We still love Cindy but our project next year will just involve enjoying the festival and maybe helping out someone else’s project)


One Spark Jacksonville

Mario and Luigi cosplay at One Spark





Red Velvet Photography gets all steamy with our corsets

Recently Red Velvet Photography shot several of our Steampunk and Vintage Goth corsets with models Maegan Carroll, Diana Lopez and myself. We’ve just restocked many of these styles and updated the online inventory with new photos from the shoot.

steampunkRV2 steamcorset3Steampunk CorsetsSteampunk corsets





Little Monsters invade The Factory Jax at Square One for the Monster Mash

Last Saturday night the Three Muses monsters crawled out from under the bed (where all good little monsters hide) and attended the The Factory’s Monster Mash at Square One. John Rennie Photography set up an area to shoot us, the performers and all the monsterous attendees.

Check out the photos here:

We also provided the costumes for several of the performances including the outfits for Akasha and the Wolfgirl. And Kitten was sporting a new pair of golden Isis wings to complete her Cleopatra outfit.

The Muses were TMC head to toe with the new Leg Ave fuzzy monster heads, tutus, corsets, wigs, stack boots and fuzzy boots covers.

Three Monster Muses

Three Monster Muses

Where to get it:

Furry Leg Warmers by Adorable Foxie:

Fuzzy Monster Heads and paws:

Split 2-tone Wigs by Leg Avenue:

Stack Boots by Demonia:

Tutus by Bad Tulle & Leg Ave:

Purple Waist Cincher:

Neon Green fishnets:

Purple fishnets:


Just the beginning of summer and things are already heating up at Three Muses!

The store seems to be growing by leaps and bounds this year, even in the middle of what is usually the quiet season! Some of you may recall last year we were closed on Saturdays during the summer and then I actually closed the store all of July and took off for a little European adventure. That won’t be the case this year. We will be open even more days and hours, hopefully starting in July, August at the latest. The only time we will be closing is the week of DragonCon, as that is the kick off to our busy busy no sleep working 24-7 Halloween season.

We have more corsets than ever, and they seem to be multiplying behind my back. And now we’ve added leather! Nice, heavy real deal leather cinchers and corsets. We’ve phased out most of the higher priced costumes in favor of ones around $30-$40 that can be used as great starter pieces to create your own original look. The masquerade mask selection has exploded so much I haven’t had a chance to get most of them on the website. Who knew there were so many masquerades in Jacksonville? And as always, we have managed to keep the masks at an affordable range of $10-$20 while offering a unique selection straight from New Orleans.

The newest upcoming additons this summer will be pin-up dresses, more eyelashes and Xotic Eyes body and eye art, which we hope to grow into a full make-up counter before Halloween.

I am adding new items to the website nearly every day, but I never seem to be able to get it all on there. So there will always be more in the store than you see online. But you can see and shop about 80% of the store on the Three Muses website. And remember, if you see it on the website, we have it in the store.(with the exception of some of the shoes and custom made outfits)

Stop in and visit us this summer!

– Candy Keane

Owner, Three Muses Inspired Clothing

Celeste, Candy, Brema and Bridget of Three Muses

Celeste, Candy, Brema and Bridget of Three Muses