The End of an Era

After 11 years, I’ve decided to close the Three Muses website. I will continue to make costumes when I can, but under my own name or @CandyKcosplay (Facebook, Etsy, eBay, Twitter, Instagram)

There’s still a few days to get costumes and corsets at crazy cheap deals before I close the website: Three Muses Inspired Clothing ($10 costumes, 40% off corsets, $5 lingerie)

I am so very ready to close the retail biz! It was a great run but I am ready to move on and am really excited to get a break from the 24/7 world of running a busy e-commerce site (and boutique as well).

I am leaving this blog up but probably won’t be adding new posts. I am mostly concentrating on my Geek Mamas project and posting there. You can also find me on Facebook at:

Boutique Closing March 19, Website Continues

It has been a great 7+ years running my little shop. I am grateful for everyone who has supported Three Muses over the years and so happy to have met so many wonderful people. The last day to visit the boutique will be Saturday, March 19. The only day open before then will be Wednesday, March 16 from 11-4.

The boutique will go out with a bang, open for the last time during Mandarin Minicon 3, a free event celebrating comics and cosplay.

The website will continue as-is, I will also continue making costumes. Just the boutique is closing, I am NOT going out of business.

There have been a few questions, so here are some answers:

  1. Aren’t you moving to Mythical Mountain?

Yes! But not as a store- I will have my office there to take care of website orders and a workshop space to make costumes. I will not have a boutique inside Mythical Mountain. However, you will be able to pick-up website orders and purchase Worbla. Also, many of the Three Muses brand corsets are available locally at Grease Rags Clothing in San Marco.

2. Are you selling everything in the store?

No- what doesn’t sell will still be on the website. But there will be a big sale March 19!

3. Why are you closing?

I had a baby in April and want to spend more time enjoying being a mom. I started the business as a website over 10 years ago and plan to go back to running the business online again. I don’t want to deal with the daily demands of running a boutique.

Feel free to post any other questions!




The biggest inspiration in the smallest package

This has been weighing on my mind for some time now and I feel like if don’t say something I’ll explode.

Three Muses the boutique is closing after Halloween.

You know how everyone tells you your life will change when you have kids? Well it’s not just your life, it’s how you feel about life and what you want to do with it. I’ve been growing this business for 10 years now and it is scary to take a step back. But I have plans and it’s not the end, it’s a new beginning.

My lease is up in April and after that I will be moving to a smaller workshop space so I can keep doing my crafty thing when I want and not worry about running a store. It will pretty much be business as usual up until Halloween. After that I’ll be having big sales to sell off leftover inventory. I will NOT be restocking so if you’ve been eyeing something for a while, better get it now!

So what’s my next step? I’ve already reserved, opening some time 2016. More details on that as they develop, but I’m in no hurry to launch a new business right now. I just needed to set myself a new goal and vision that is more in line with where I am in life right now and where I want to go.

I’m very much looking forward to embracing life as a mom and enjoying every moment with my son. Introducing him to this wonderful world of geeky goodness is what inspires me now and I’ve always built my business around my greatest inspirations.

It’s about to get weird- Upcoming changes to store hours

Due to my only employee’s more sudden than expected departure, the shop hours are about to get weird. I’m going to try and stick to them as much as possible, but it’s back to just being me in there and at 32 weeks pregnant I have a lot of doctors appointments in the upcoming months.

The job that was going to take a while to get turned into an overnight offer. Then the part-time job where she would be available to help me in March suddenly became a full-time job. With no advance notice, I’m left in a bit of a bind with appointments coming up. This is not an ideal situation, but things never really go how you think they will, right?

This week should be fine, but next week 2/25 I’ll be closing at 5PM and I’ll be closed all day Saturday 2/28. My grandmother is going to come down in mid-March to help out so I don’t think I’ll need to completely close the store early. Regardless I will be open for Mandarin MiniCon on March 28th. When in doubt about shop hours, just call 260-5525. I’ll also post updates to Facebook.

And then I plan to officially take a break and close the shop for April and May.

Thanks to everyone who has offered to help, but I’m not ready to hire and train someone new right now. You’d be amazed at all the little stuff there is to learn to work the shop. I’ll probably start looking to hire someone mid-May so I have time to train them before we open back up June 1. I’m ready to adjust my sails, make some changes and move forward 🙂

Quote about change

Desperately Seeking Susan Jacket Original Sold for over $200,000

Thirty years after the release of Desperately Seeking Susan, the love for the movie and Madonna’s iconic style is still running strong as exemplified by the recent auction where the original jacket from the movie was sold for $252,000 and that famous single earring went for $34,375.

As an 80s kid, I was in LOVE with that movie and wanted that jacket so bad! So when I started making costumes, that jacket was always on my to-do list. I started out with the common misconception that the jacket was black. I also thought it was leather! I was wrong on both accounts. The material is a metallic dark green with gold threads as shown in these photos of the original jacket posted for the Rock-n-Roll Auction.

I do make my own version, which is an olive color with a slight sheen to it. And because so many people still request it in black, I’ll soon be doing it in black as well! I call it the Desperately 80s Jacket. My back design is the same idea but on a slightly smaller scale. Definitely a fan-made ode to the movie and not an exact replica. I really enjoy making these though!

Three Muses gets a new website!

I’m halfway through adding products (only about 500 more to go, yay!) but thought it was time to activate the new site. ProStores pulls the plug on all its websites Feb. 1st. I wanted to make sure the new site was running smoothly by then, even if it only has half the store on there.

A few new things:

1) is now a forwarded url. The new website is actually built on, but the old url is on EVERYTHING we have, so I just forwarded it.

2) A new blog! While this blog will still have some stuff about the store on it, it is going to be more about me personally. So sales and store news will mostly be posted on the blog that is part of the new website:

3) More social media- the new site has a live Twitter feed (@3musesclothing) on the front and an Instagram feed (@threemusesclothing) across the bottom. Add the hashtag #threemusesclothing or #imamuse to get retweeted or reposted on the front page.

4) Better photos – the new site is taking so long to do because we are working on improving the photos. If the photo isn’t that great, I didn’t add the product to the website.

5) Product reviews – I’ve been wanting to add this for a while! Anyone can go on and leave product reviews for their purchases. I always read reviews so I’m excited to be able to add this option.

The new site is a lot of work but I’m really loving the results. Instead of doing a migration and moving all the info from the old site to the new one, I am personally going over every single product (we have more than 1000) and making sure all the info is correct and up to date as I added. I’m improving the photos and the product descriptions. Also during this time I am getting rid of a LOT of old costumes and other items that have been sitting on the shelf for a while by listing them on eBay. All costumes and corsets on there are below wholesale! Check it out: Three Muses Clothing big eBay clearance sale

So that’s the news for now. Time for me to get back to work adding products to the website!


Corset Sale at Below Wholesale Prices! Sizes XS – 7X, Satins, Vinyl, Leather and Brocade

Just finished listing over 80 corsets on eBay for our huge corset clearance sale! Most start at just $4.99 with NO reserve and all have a Buy it Now price at below their wholesale cost. All corsets listed on eBay are also available in-store as long as there are no bids on it, it is available at the BIN price.

Three Muses on eBay:

Corsets range from sizes XS to 7X and features all different kinds of styles: overbust, underbust, cinchers and halfbust. Fabrics include satin, cotton, brocades, vinyl and leather. Many of the corsets have steel boning!

eBay Corset Sale

eBay Corset Sale