About Three Muses Clothing

Three Muses Inspired Clothing

Inside the Three Muses boutique

Three Muses Inspired Clothing, LLC was started by costumer and cosplayer Candy Keane in 2005 as a costume website (www.ThreeMusesClothing.com) that quickly expanded to carry many different cosplay and pin-up items. The store name was inspired by the trio of Candy, her mom and grandmother who often spent time crafting and sewing together. They inspired her to be creative and taught her the skills to bring her design ideas to life. In 2009 she expanded the business to a retail location in the Mandarin area of Jacksonville, FL.

After many fun years at the shop, Three Muses closed in 2016 so Candy could concentrate more on her newest and most challenging project to date: being mom.

That led to her new blog GeekMamas, where you can continue to follow her cosplay and costume adventures.


2 thoughts on “About Three Muses Clothing

  1. I love your store, we started out with your very first costume when you were 3 yr’s old it was Raggedy Ann, and we never stopped playing dress-up,making costumes and having fun! Love mom


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