It’s about to get weird- Upcoming changes to store hours

Due to my only employee’s more sudden than expected departure, the shop hours are about to get weird. I’m going to try and stick to them as much as possible, but it’s back to just being me in there and at 32 weeks pregnant I have a lot of doctors appointments in the upcoming months.

The job that was going to take a while to get turned into an overnight offer. Then the part-time job where she would be available to help me in March suddenly became a full-time job. With no advance notice, I’m left in a bit of a bind with appointments coming up. This is not an ideal situation, but things never really go how you think they will, right?

This week should be fine, but next week 2/25 I’ll be closing at 5PM and I’ll be closed all day Saturday 2/28. My grandmother is going to come down in mid-March to help out so I don’t think I’ll need to completely close the store early. Regardless I will be open for Mandarin MiniCon on March 28th. When in doubt about shop hours, just call 260-5525. I’ll also post updates to Facebook.

And then I plan to officially take a break and close the shop for April and May.

Thanks to everyone who has offered to help, but I’m not ready to hire and train someone new right now. You’d be amazed at all the little stuff there is to learn to work the shop. I’ll probably start looking to hire someone mid-May so I have time to train them before we open back up June 1. I’m ready to adjust my sails, make some changes and move forward 🙂

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