Three Muses gets a new website!

I’m halfway through adding products (only about 500 more to go, yay!) but thought it was time to activate the new site. ProStores pulls the plug on all its websites Feb. 1st. I wanted to make sure the new site was running smoothly by then, even if it only has half the store on there.

A few new things:

1) is now a forwarded url. The new website is actually built on, but the old url is on EVERYTHING we have, so I just forwarded it.

2) A new blog! While this blog will still have some stuff about the store on it, it is going to be more about me personally. So sales and store news will mostly be posted on the blog that is part of the new website:

3) More social media- the new site has a live Twitter feed (@3musesclothing) on the front and an Instagram feed (@threemusesclothing) across the bottom. Add the hashtag #threemusesclothing or #imamuse to get retweeted or reposted on the front page.

4) Better photos – the new site is taking so long to do because we are working on improving the photos. If the photo isn’t that great, I didn’t add the product to the website.

5) Product reviews – I’ve been wanting to add this for a while! Anyone can go on and leave product reviews for their purchases. I always read reviews so I’m excited to be able to add this option.

The new site is a lot of work but I’m really loving the results. Instead of doing a migration and moving all the info from the old site to the new one, I am personally going over every single product (we have more than 1000) and making sure all the info is correct and up to date as I added. I’m improving the photos and the product descriptions. Also during this time I am getting rid of a LOT of old costumes and other items that have been sitting on the shelf for a while by listing them on eBay. All costumes and corsets on there are below wholesale! Check it out: Three Muses Clothing big eBay clearance sale

So that’s the news for now. Time for me to get back to work adding products to the website!



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