Fairy Maternity Costume from Costume Supercenter – a Review

Fairy Maternity Costume

Fairy Maternity Costume

I recently got to test out the Maternity Fairy Costume from CostumeSupercenter.com. Since there are so few ready-to-wear costume options for pregnant women, I wanted try out one of the few costumes I saw available. At 6 months along, I figured I would be able to fill it out pretty well!

The costume is by Rubies Costumes, item 889006, and is currently on sale for $36.54. Regular price is $42.99. It normally comes with the dress, wings and flowered headpiece, but the headpiece and wings were both missing from the package when my costume arrived. I added wings and a wig to round out the costume.

Fairy Costume by Rubies

Fairy photo on package

According to the sizing, Standard fits size 12-18, chest size 40-43”, hips 42-46”. Before pregnancy I was a size 4. In maternity clothes I wear a 4-6, so I’m nowhere near the 12-18 quoted on there but the costume fit quite well. It would not fit on anyone much bigger. The elastic on the arm holes is ridiculously tight to the point where it’s painful. If I were to wear this for an extended period of time, I’d cut the elastic.

The costume mostly looks like the photo on the package, except the ribbon detailing on the front is missing the woven design across the chest. The fabric actually looks nicer than it does in the photo, with varying shades of pink and a crinkled texture. The sleeves are nice and flowy and there is plenty of room in the belly area. There’s a ribbon to tie under your bust to give your shape some definition, which is nice.

Overall it’s a decent and comfortable maternity costume (as long as your’s comes with all the pieces), though you don’t really need to be pregnant to wear it. The babydoll dress shape would work just fine on non-pregnant women as well.

Maternity Fairy Costume

Showing off the fairy bump


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