Spooky Yellow Cat Contact Lens Review

Spooky Yellow Cat Contact Lenses

Spooky Yellow Cat Contact Lenses

SpookyEyes.com sent me some Spooky Yellow Cat Contact Lenses to try out this month. The Spooky Eyes lenses come little individual blister packs so you will need to have your own case and lens solution ready for storing them. They are sold as a pair for $24 and have a 90 day life span once opened.cat-eyes-package

The Yellow Cats are a yellow lens with vertical black pupil. They went in easily but it takes a little practice to get them straight up and down. I recommend getting pretty comfortable sticking your finger in your eye because you will spend a lot of time adjusting them. They tend to float sideways a lot at first. I found later they seem to settle in and stay put. This is pretty normal and every pair of “cat eye” style contact lenses I’ve tried has a tendency to shift around a bit. You can tell when it’s shifting because your vision changes a bit. I got pretty good at adjusting it without even looking in a mirror!

These are a great finishing touch for a creepy cat Halloween costume.


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