Worbla- the cool molding material with the funny name

We recently started carrying Worbla’s Finest Art in the shop and on the website and are currently the only place you can buy it in Florida! We can usually get the order out within 24 hours as well, so our turn around time is FAST.

We carry sample sizes through large on the Three Muses website: http://3musesboutique.com/collections/worbla

and carry all sizes through Jumbo in the shop. We don’t have the jumbo on the site because we don’t have packing materials for it.

What is Worbla? It is a thermoplastic modeling material that can be shaped with hot air, water or steam. I’ve found the easiest way to shape it is with a heat gun. Some places say you can use a blow dryer, which I tried and failed miserably. The dryer kept shorting out when I’d get too close and the Worbla never really got soft enough.

Scraps can be conditioned and 100% re-blended, so there is almost no waste. An easy way to do this is to melt the pieces together in a lump and then roll them out flat with a rolling pin and wax paper. If you just use the rolling pin, it will stick to it. The leftovers can also be molded like putty.

It hardens very fast, is sandable and because of the extra glue on the shiny side, it is very easy to attach several layers. Additional components can be attached very easily with no extra glue needed.

Almost anything is possible with this versatile material for creative people! Detailed surfaces and masks, armor and ornaments, replicas of blades or gems plus even costume jewelery, figurines and all kinds of decorations. You can varnish Worbla’s Finest Art with all kinds of effect spray-paints and acrylics. A plastic primer or other base coat is often useful to achieve a perfectly smooth finish. I usually use several coats of gesso and sand in between every two coats.

Here’s a few things we’ve made at the shop with Worbla:

Check out my blog about giving Worbla a try for the first time: https://threemusesclothing.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/first-try-using-worbla-to-make-a-dc-bombshell-supergirl-s-plate/

and join Brema and I at WasabiCon this November where we will be doing an Intro to Worbla panel.


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