Product review: Green Circle Lenses by Spooky Eyes

I got to give the Green Sparkle Lenses by Spooky Eyes a try over the weekend at CONjure. And yes we do sell contacts in the shop, but not online and not circle lenses, so I thought it would be fun to review some for Spooky Eyes.

Circle lenses are larger than regular contacts. From Wikipedia: “The difference between the two types of lenses is that circle lens are tinted not only in areas that cover the iris of the eye, but also prominently in the extra-wide outer rim of the lens. The result is the appearance of a bigger, wider iris and create an illusion of large eyes. The optical zone in the middle is transparent and it is large enough to provide clear vision.”

The lenses from Spooky come in a little box and containers with the peel off tinfoil. They are yearly lenses, but do not come with a lens case, so you’ll need to get one of those.

Spooky Eyes contacts

I used to wear contacts, but had LASIK just over 10 years ago so I didn’t need a prescription for these. But after years of wearing lenses, I’m an expert and rarely have trouble putting in lenses. I was wondering if these would feel different because they were bigger, but they went in easy and fell into place. I tried them on a few times before the longer wearing and one time experienced a problem with blurriness and floating but it cleared up with some eye drops. It’s very important to keep your eyes hydrated!

green-sparkle-circle-lenses_1 green-sparkle-circle-lenses   I chose the Green Sparkle lenses because I thought they’d go well with my Poison  Ivy costume. But when I put them over my blue eyes, they didn’t look very bright green, more like teal almost. Because the center is so open, a lot of my blue showed through. I think it is probably a more intense color on brown eyes like shown in the sample photo.

They also did not really work for the overall look I was going for with the outfit, so I decided to wear them with my Steampunk Supergirl and go for a little lolita twist on that outfit.

My eyes are on the small side, so the contacts cover a lot of my eye. One interesting thing I found with the larger lenses was that I got less of the “tunnel vision” effect that comes with a lot of lenses. These are more open in the center so more of your pupil is exposed. I did like that aspect of them.

Candy Keane in green circle lenses

The contacts are made in Korea and available for purchase online at Spooky Eyes, no prescription  needed:


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