Blond Bombshell Cosplay Wig Review

Last week contacted me about a possible partnership doing reviews of their products. Some people may be thinking- wait…isn’t that a conflict of interest? Don’t you own a costume shop? It’s true, I do- a small one. My shop caters to more of a niche market and even I often shop in other costume stores for supplies I don’t carry or don’t want to order 10 of just so I can sell it. I just don’t have the space to carry everything! lives up to their name- they have a HUGE selection! So I thought it would be fun to test run some things I don’t carry in my store.

EnchantressI’ve been working on an Enchantress costume for DragonCon and hadn’t figured out the wig yet. I already have about 10 blond wigs, but I needed something really big and really blond to look good behind the head piece. I decided to give the Adult Bombshell Wig-Blonde a try. It looked like it had a great pouf on the crown and was nice and full.

At only $18.99 it was quite a bargain, but that also made me worried about quality. I’ve had bad experiences with cheap wigs before! I was pleasantly surprised when the wig came and looked pretty much just like the photo on the website.

The wig was bright blond, wavy, with good height at the crown and side swept bangs. The synthetic hair fibers reminded me of doll hair. They were kind of shiny and plastic looking. This wig isn’t going to fool anyone into thinking it’s your real hair, but makes a great costume wig when you aren’t looking for realism.

The wig sheds tremendously so you’ll want to shake it out and finger comb it before wearing. It looks even better after you do that. I wouldn’t recommend brushing it and stay far away from heat styling tools.

As with most inexpensive wigs, the inside is a one size non-adjustable mesh cap. So the wig takes a lot of bobby pins to anchor it in place. I have kind of a small head and it kept trying to slide right off until I anchored it down.

But overall, it was exactly what I was looking for and it will make a great addition to my costume! I snapped a quick pic in the backyard wearing my new headpiece. I still have to finish my actual costume- I just threw on a green dress for the pic.




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