San Diego Comic Con Then and Now

My first time at San Diego Comic Con was in 2007. I really had no idea what to expect. I thought it was going to be like DragonCon, so for the first couple hours I was pretty confused as to why there wasn’t a bar set up every 10 feet and totally disappointed to find out there wasn’t even a bar on site. I was like…so what do you people do all day here?

I found out the answer was mostly wait in line for things, woohoo! And the big thing there isn’t really comics- it’s promoting the latest movie or TV show.

Slave Leias and JabbaA friend and I dressed up the first day as Slave Leias to participate in the group shoot with a life-size Jabba statue. The crowd was staggering. Only about 10% of the crowd was in costume so anyone dressed up created quite a stir. We couldn’t move more than a foot or two at a time and a couple times the fire marshal had to clear our path because photographers were creating a fire hazard. We heard rumors of celebrities, but saw none. After the convention we went out to a bar close to the convention and were the only people in costume.

I went back again in 2010 and it was pretty much the same. I gave it another try in 2013 and things have certainly changed! SDCC has taken over all of downtown San Diego. People in costume are everywhere and every open space has some kind of giant promo set-up or activity. It’s like being at a ComicCon World’s Fair.

Now that I know what to expect, I enjoy the different experience SDCC has to offer. You get a peek into everything you will be seeing in TV and movies for the next year or more. I even picked up a few exclusives on the last trip- a Harley Quinn keychain and a Snoopy t-shirt.

I also had an amazing time thanks to Entertainment Weekly, who photographed me transforming from mild-mannered Candy Keane into Wonder Woman and then invited me to their SDCC party, where I finally found all those celebrities I’d heard about!

Check out the photos of that great trip on my Facebook page:

Candy Keane changes into Wonder Woman

Candy Keane changes into Wonder Woman



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