Super Hero pantyhose! A true sheer-to-waist style for cosplay

Nothing ruins a costume faster than seeing Wonder Woman’s pantyhose crotch panel hanging out the sides of her star spangled bottoms. Or even worse, maybe she’s sporting that support hose bicycle shorts looks at the top. Trying to find a  true sheer-to-waist pantyhose is always tough, so we’re here to help with our favorite pair of “magical pantyhose.”

The style most popular in the shop is Leg Avenue’s sheer-to-waist Lycra support pantyhose in beige. These pantyhose are sheer enough to look like real legs, but have enough coverage and a very slight sheen to disguise flaws and smooth out lumps. In fact, they look so much like real legs that one time, when I was an extra in a movie and dressed as a flight attendant, the director stopped filming to ask that I put on pantyhose when I was already wearing them! In comparison, you’ll find most dance tights give you a very fake flat color leg look.

They do have a downside- we also call them our “disposable pantyhose” because they easily rip. But good news- they are only $4.99 a pair! So we usually buy these in bulk and always carry extras. They also only come in one size, so we have a trick to make them more comfortable for people of all sizes and heights- always stretch them before wearing.  Really, stretch the heck out of them. Pull them from one end of the room the other if you have to. They can handle the stretch and will go on a lot easier.

No bicycle shorts, thigh line or long crotch panel to worry about. Just a true sheer-to-waist look!

Sheer-to-waist Pantyhose

Wonder Woman approves this message!

Style shown in photo: Sheer beige pantyhose


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