Throwback Thursday- Partying at the Playboy Mansion

Invitation to the Playboy Mansion

Invitation to the Playboy Mansion

If you’ve been to the shop, you might have noticed a framed invitation to the Playboy mansion’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Party hanging on the wall. The art on the invites was always a work of one of my favorite pin-up artists, Olivia De Berardinis, so I saved several of them.

I was never in Playboy Magazine, but they always invited models to attend the parties and basically serve as pretty scenery. Nudity was never required, but a strict adherence to the dress code was. It was always a specific theme or lingerie. For me, it was always both! I enjoyed making costumes out of my lingerie outfits.

My first trip to the Playboy mansion was to attend a rockstar themed party by Skyy Vodka and Cutty Sark.

Hanging out in the famous grotto

Hanging out in the famous grotto

I met a couple ladies there who informed me it wasn’t a “real” mansion party because Hef wasn’t there and you couldn’t go inside the mansion. Companies rent the backyard and grotto out for events. After chatting with a few Playboy bunnies I got the address to submit my photos to, which was the first step in getting an invite to a real party.

I sent a few bikini pics and a letter explaining I had gone to a sponsored party and would love to attend the real deal. My invitation came a month later for the 4th of July party. I went on to attend many parties there but due to a very strict no photos rule, I have very few photos. There was a second step after you get your invite. If you are an invited model then you park offsite and ride a shuttle in. Before you get on the shuttle they check you off the list and take a Polaroid to make sure you look like your photos. So basically if you look like crap, you don’t get invited back.

I moved to FL before the show Girls Next Door started filming, but I was actually there the night Kendra was one of the painted girls and met Hef. Being a painted girl was also a way to attend the parties but you had to be fully nude and covered in paint for hours. I just wanted to dress up and enjoy the free drinks and lavish spread of food. I did get to meet a lot of celebrities and have some funny stories about a few of them. Most of them were very nice though.

I never actually saw anything too scandalous, though Ron Jeremy did offer me a “sensual massage,” which I politely declined. It was always just a really amazing lavish party filled with celebrities and decorated with half naked women. I don’t think the parties are quite the same now as when Hef had two girlfriends and was looking to add a third. I’m glad I got to experience it when I had the chance!

In Hef's Game Room

In Hef’s Game Room


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