A Facebook page without limits

After agonizing over whether to start a personal “page” or not on Facebook, I finally went ahead with it after being frustrated by the 5,000 friend limit for profiles. “Who needs 5000 friends??” you may be asking right now. Well, I used to just accept all requests since it was a public profile used for business and somewhere along the way I actually became friends with a lot of those people! And before I knew it, I was at the limit and wasn’t sure who to delete to make room for new friends.

So here’s the new, no limit page where I’ll be posting cosplay pics and stuff: https://www.facebook.com/Candykcosplay

The profile I have been using for a while will still be active and I have the option to follow on there. I couldn’t convert that to a page without losing a lot of my photos and everything I’ve put into it over the past few years. I have a website for the store, blog, my personal portfolio website, twitter, 2 Facebook profiles, the business Facebook page, a badly neglected Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and countless other profiles I’ve most likely forgotten about. More reasons to stay online is probably the last thing I need!

But this will give me a chance to post a lot more costume pics without feeling like I’m bugging my friends and hogging their feed. All the business related stuff will stay on the Three Muses Facebook page. There will always be a little crossover with all the profiles, but I do try and make everything a little different

Candy Keane's New Facebook Page

Candy Keane’s New Facebook Page


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