I confess, I am a Jedi Junkie

Now that Jedi Junkies has made it to Netflix, I get e-mails on a daily basis from people asking if that is me in the documentary. Yes indeed, it is me both on the cover and doing an interview while dressed as Slave Leia.

Jedi Junkies DVD

Jedi Junkies DVD

In early 2007 Mark Edlitz contacted me about doing an interview for a documentary he was doing on Star Wars fans. His angle was to make a film that would be the opposite of Trekkies and to show the fans in a more positive light (i.e. not make them look like crazy weirdos).  We agreed to meet up at DragonCon during the Slave Leia group shoot and do the interview.

I thought the interview went well. None of the questions were skewed to make me sound like an obsessive fan or someone who might be out of touch with reality. In comparison, when I interviewed years later for ComicCon Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope, all the questions were posed in such a way that I was relieved they didn’t use any of my spoken parts in the final film. For this, Mark asked about my costume and had me explain the different parts. I just remember it being very windy outside and I was trying to keep my skirt down and not flash everyone, but also not look like I was struggling with my costume while explaining it.

Jedi Junkies interview

Jedi Junkies interview

Several years later in 2010, the film was released on DVD. They had asked me to send some pictures to use for promotional use and I was excited to see they had chosen one of them for the cover. The funny thing was, the pic was not of the same outfit I’m wearing in my interview and was probably my least favorite one I sent. I have always thought my head looked a little weird. But hey, I’m not going to complain about being on the cover and I think my belly button is the main focus of the shot anyway. The pic they used was shot at my house, by Rick Wilson, and was just going to be a catalog shot for my website for a new painted top style I was making at the time. Huge thanks to Rick for permission to use the pic!

After the DVD release, the film made its way onto Hulu for a bit and gained popularity. And now, six years after my interview, Jedi Junkies has made it to Netflix and is experiencing a resurgence of attention. In fact, I’m getting more e-mails about it now than I did when it was released!

So yes, I admit, not only am I a Slave Leia wearing, light saber wielding, Chewbacca fanatic Jedi Junkie, I’m also the poster girl.


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