Princess Peach and Mario finally make it official

Peach and Mario

Peach and Mario

A match made in video game heaven tied the knot earlier this year at a unique game themed wedding held at the Arkadia Retrocade in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Michael and Sarah Sundman (aka Gaijin Goombah and Akiterra Goombah) were married May 1st, 2013 while dressed as Mario and Princess Peach. Luigi, of course, served as best man. Their first game played as a married couple was Metal Slug. Mr. Goombah hosts a popular show on YouTube called Game Exchange.
Sarah is wearing a customized version of the Three Muses Peachy Princess ball gown, done in white instead of the usual pink. Contrary to the wedding dress being something you just get to wear once, Sarah plans on getting a lot of use out of her dress, most recently wearing it to the Screwattack Gaming Convention in June.
They get my vote for cutest wedding of the year!

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