Throwback Thursday feature: Aeon Flux costume

Aeon Flux costume

Aeon Flux cosplay and the real Aeon from the Herodotus File

I’ve been wanting to do a Throwback Thursday post for a while, so I’m taking it way back- back to 1995 and my first complicated costume: Aeon Flux, which used to be on a MTV show called Liquid Television. (this was way before the movie) I wish I had better pictures of this one!

I based my costume off the animated show and the images in the Herodotus File. I made it mostly from leather and even dyed my hair black for the costume. My mom helped me form it into the gravity-defying loops with the help of freeze spray and wire.

Making this outfit actually planted the seed that led me to opening my own kind of costume store. There was no Internet shopping (gasp!) so I had to go to every “adult shop” in town to find some of the leather pieces and the boots. I just wanted to be able to shop for my costumey stuff without being surrounded by porn and vibrating toys. Also, there was nowhere to try anything on and if there was, it was a little sketchy. I always thought there ought to be a place where you can shop for dress-up stuff in a comfortable and more upscale atmosphere, and that’s the idea that the Three Muses boutique was founded on. For many places, the costume and adult novelty connection is still there, which explains why we still get a slew of vibrator catalogs every month. (They are pretty good for a laugh though, lol)

The original costume was destroyed from hurricane flooding (along with many of my first outfits) so I’ve been wanting to make this one again and get some decent photos and possibly figure out a way to make a few for other people who have been requesting it. It’s on my to-do list this year!

Aeon Flux

Aeon Flux

More pics and costume details on my portfolio page: Aeon Flux cosplay




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