A post-Halloween rant, and then I can move on to other fun things

Halloween is always a whirlwind of activity, and when it’s done and things have quieted down I get to pick up the pieces, put things away and get everything back in order. I’m looking forward to blogging a bit more. I use Facebook a lot, but sometimes the status posts get a bit long and I think it would be better suited to the blog…so that is how this post ended up over here. I also feel like this is a smaller audience (even though it is way more public) but people who actually make it over here to read this came because they wanted to read it, not because Facebook kept shoving it in their face in their newsfeed. (I know I do have it linked to FB, but it at least takes a second click to read it)

And while this started as a store blog, we have a Facebook page just for store-only related stuff, so now this blog is mine. Mine mine mine mine. And I am going to dust off those writing skills I used to love so much (though now they are technically typing skills) and post more on the blog about my experiences as a store owner, costume maker, cosplayer and whatever else I want to chat about along the way.

So right now, I just wanted to share a few things that drive me crazy, because I feel the need to get them off my chest, share them and then move on with it. Because these things aren’t going to stop, and the list could have been a lot longer but I didn’t want to bore you if you’ve managed to keep reading this far, so I narrowed it down to five things.

And these are the Top 5 Things That Bugged the Crap Out of Me This Halloween:

1) Telling me we should let people know we are going to be closed. I am sorry I cannot send a postcard and/or call everyone who has ever come in the store to let them know we will be closed. I really thought posting it on the front page of the website, the blog, Facebook, Twitter, the store answering machine and on the store door 2 months ahead of time might get someone’s attention. Apparently, this is still not enough.

 2) Poking disdainfully at the corsets and inquiring whether they are steel boned, only to tell me you don’t think they are steel boned and then continue to insist they are “fashion corsets.” At this point I usually run away and let Brema deal with them because here’s the story- I’ve taken the boning out and checked and you haven’t. So if you poke my corsets one more time with that attitude, I no longer want you to get a corset. This is also why Brema does a lot of the selling and I do a lot of hiding. I take things too personally. You might as well be poking one of my dogs and telling me they’re mutts and not Australian Shepherds. Of course both mutts and fashion corsets are great, but don’t try to tell me one is the other when I know better.

 3) Calling the store, asking directions, hours, 5 million other questions and then at the very very end, asking if we have something very specific, like a Kermit costume. Oh? You don’t have a Kermit costume? Well that’s all I wanted, thanks anyway. You know you could have saved us both like 10 minutes by just asking that question first. I also hate it when people ask me if they can ask me a question. Because really that’s just redundant, and now you’ve asked me two questions.

 4) Complaining we have nothing in your size. Yes we do, you just don’t like those particular things. And also, we had it but it sold out already. We normally get one of each size in each item. When it sells, it’s gone. This is a boutique, not Wal-Mart. It doesn’t seem to matter, big or small, there is always somebody complaining we have nothing in their size.

 5) Trying on 20 costumes, shoving them back in the bags and then sticking them back on the racks. You are not being as helpful as you might think. There is a sign in the dressing room asking items to be brought to the counter for a reason. We need to make sure all the pieces are there and it is folded neatly so it is not crushed and weird for the next person. And the store is organized so we can find the costumes. If you stick Snow White in the beer wench section, well now we think Snow White is sold out because she should be with the fairy tales. And then we take it off the website, ponder what happened to Snow, only to find her weeks later hanging in the wench section after she has long been removed from the website, therefore costing us a sale.

So that’s it. I probably could have made a top 20 list but I’m starting to get really hungry and have to go update the website with our new hours before people start leaving mean messages on our answering machine. Because yes, they do that. I once got a really long message from a lady yelling at us for not being open on Sundays. For the record, we are still closed on Sundays.


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