New look for blog and costume portfolio site

While it’s not in the final stage yet, I’ve got my portfolio site revamped enough to get me through Halloween season.

The next step will be moving most of the costume break downs and how-to’s over here to the blog and setting up a slideshow type thing of just the best pics on the website. Check out the updated site:

The main big change is the removal of most of my old modeling stuff. I figure pictures of me bikini modeling have nothing to do with my talent as a costume designer and fabricator. I also removed “cosplay model” from my title.

Do I still model? Yes! I’ve been modeling since I was little and have always enjoyed it. I modeled professionally for 5 years before deciding to concentrate on the costume business. A large part of my job was spokesmodeling for other companies at tradeshows. So all those years of promo work actually set me up for being able to spokesmodel for my own business. I am and will always be, a spokesmodel for Three Muses Inspired Clothing.

So why the change? Because I don’t really consider myself a “cosplay model” anymore. The term makes me uneasy because I do so much more than that. I didn’t work on building a business for the past 8 years to be right back where I started. Also the term has become extremely watered down to include anyone with a Facebook fan page and costume pics. The main distinction became very clear at SuperCon where many girls mentioned they depend on the photographers to make their outfits look good.  That’s not what cosplay is about. My costumes look every bit as good in real life as they do in photos. I strive for that and built a business around it. I have never once made a costume and said “oh the photographer can fix that later.” But that’s the difference between a model and a costume designer. I’m working on finding a balance between being both because I love getting pics in my costumes.

A lot of people in the cosplay community have been complaining about the sudden influx of models at conventions and in cosplay in general. The term “fake geek girl” gets thrown around a lot. It’s all very silly. But then, as a costume business owner, I probably see it in a different light. My attitude is “join the party…you all need something to wear, right?” lol


3 thoughts on “New look for blog and costume portfolio site

  1. Fake geek girl just makes me think ‘hipsters?’ doing something because it becomes the pop. But then again its still a rude term. I did like your ‘you need a costume right’ XD in the long run I think that even the fake girls are of some assistance to the community as a whole. And imagine, when the real fakes no longer enjoy it, they are likely to donate or sell what they got. Which puts the merch in the hands of others. I see it as a possibly good cycle. And agree on the cosplay model thing. If anything with the little I know of you Id say you are a General Cosplay Aficionado(had to google spelling). You are someone of great knowledge of the full process of cosplay 😀


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