Three Muses making wishes come true

Steampunk Fairies

Make a Wish!

Last week we announced the latest free stuff giveaway on facebook. I did not have time to get the blog done so I’m extending the contest until July 22, which is the day after I get back from ComicCon and will actually have time to go through the entries and cut all those little pieces of paper again 🙂

Those who entered from the Facebook post all get an automatic second entry! (see it pays to follow us on FB!)

So what is this fun giveaway? All you have to do is make a Wish List on the website. Follow this link:

Choose at least 5 things (go ahead, go crazy, choose as much as you want) Make sure at least 1 of those items is under $15. (might want to pick 2 under $15 in case 1st choice is out of stock!) Then e-mail with your first and last name as the subject. We will draw the winner and send you something (aka the under $15 thing) from your wishlist)

Want to double your chances? Share your Wish List on Facebook and then send an e-mail with your name and share as subject. (ex: Candy Keane Share)

Contest open to everyone, including international customers! If everything you picked is out of stock, then you will have a chance to pick something else, because we’re nice like that 😉



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