A costume is truly the sum of its parts

Dementia recently posted some gorgeous photos or her Golden Age Catwoman costume, taken by photographer Charles Howse. The outfit is a great example of how sometimes one outfit takes many artists to produce as a whole. Costume makers are often presented with the challenge of not only needing to sew costumes, but sculpt, craft, mold, paint, etc. It takes a large bag of tricks to make something head to toe. Dementia’s approach was to have each part created by an artist that specialized in that area. My contribution to this outfit is the dress modification, green belt and flowing green cape.

Golden Age Catwoman

Golden Age Catwoman

We started with an old Cry for Dawn costume that consisted of a metallic purple dress with a high cowl neck. I added leg slits and cut out the neck creating a deep v in the front. All the leftover neck material was sent off to Tiffany Antrim of Tantrim Cosplay, who used it to create a perfect matching catwoman cowl headpiece. I then attached the green cape to the neck and shoulders for a full flowy effect and used the same fabric for the belt. Another artist sculpted the belt buckle and pins, which Dementia attached herself. And Viola! Golden Age Catwoman comes together.

Dementia as Catwoman

Dementia as Catwoman


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