The secret to costume shopping at Three Muses Inspired Clothing

Most people come in with an idea. If they are stuck on a particular packaged outfit, then I recommend the two conventional costume shops down the road, both of which have a large selection where you can just grab a bag and go. But if they are open to the idea of creating a unique look, then the whirwind starts.

Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum

Arkham Asylum inspired Harley Quinn costume

We start with an idea or character and build it based on what we have in the shop and can mix with what the customer already has or can easily find at Target or even Goodwill. We assemble bits and pieces from around the shop, sometimes using parts of bagged costumes or quickly alterring pieces to work with the idea. I have stuff stashed everywhere, in boxes, in the closet, behind racks, etc, that isn’t on the shelf and will often be running around pulling out odd-n-ends as the character comes to life and needs fine tuning.

This is a great example of making the most of the unique way we do things- Ted came in an needed a last minute costume for Joy. He asked what DC villians we had. I had a packaged Ivy and Catwoman. Ted has a higher costume standard than that, and knew it would take a lot of to fix those up, so he asked what about doing a Harley Quinn. So I started pointing out red and black pieces. There was an idea forming, and he was leaning toward on original version of Arkham Asylum Harley. So we went to red and purple. It took us under 20 min. and all she had to add was a white top and bra:

Joy is wearing the Purple leather mask: With a red steel boned underbust corset: (we’ll be getting more sizes in stock soon) And white pleated skirt by Leg Avenue: Plus one red/black thigh and one purple/black:

She got the last pair of purple gloves, which were hiding behind a pile of black ones and then I found a spare nurse hat to top everything off. Then she just had to add a white button-up and purple bra.

And that’s how we make costume magic happen at Three Muses 🙂


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