The Three Muses All-Con Dallas Wrap-up with Almost Nerdy


Chewbacca and C-3PO cosplay at Al-Con Dallas

Last Friday we ventured out to Texas check out All-Con Dallas for the first time. I got to be a featured guest and brought along my trusty sidekick Brema, who made quite an impression with her C-3PO debut.Our journey took longer than expected, and after a long 10 hour delay at the JAX airport we were off…to Houston. And that’s where we got stuck for the night until we managed to finally get on a plane and arrive in Dallas by 2PM Saturday.

After a couple hours of hair and make-up, Chewbacca and C-3PO were exhausted, but finally ready to check out All-Con. We first stopped in to see how the auditions were going, and then got to meet up with one of our favorite photographers, A. Whites Photography, for a quick shoot. After checking out the vendor areas, we managed to get front row seats at the burlesque show. Great show ladies! Shortly after that we went back to the room to change and Chewie went to sleep while C-3PO scrubbed off all her gold and partied the night away until 5AM. I am not exaggerating. 5AM!

On Sunday we got up and got ready early for our shoot at noon, which got cancelled. Then we made sure we made it to the bar in time to meet some people we thought were from Samaze, but were actually from Richland College for an interview. They were a no-show. (but you can see us as pic #72 on the website: were 2 for 2, and then luckily while waiting at the bar we ran into Masamune Photogrpahy and squeezed in a quick shoot (send me some pics!) before rushing off to our panel covering cosplay Head to Toe.

We then hosted our smallest panel ever with 6 people in the audience. (I guess everything is not actually bigger in Texas after all…) And to those six who made it out near the end of the con day on a Sunday, Thank you! We know it wasn’t scheduled at the height of con activity, but we had to do it on a day were we weren’t 7ft tall, painted gold or wearing fangs.

After that it was more wandering, vendor shopping, stopping at the bar, repeat… Sometime that evening we stole Ash from Almost Nerdy away for an interview and con wrap-up. I was supposed to be doing some media coverage for the site while there, but we had nobody to film it, so what you get is my Sony CyberShot self-portrait style video blog coverage after a day of drinking, a style my husband affectionately referred to as “The Trainwreck”…

You can see the results here on Youtube:

And then once again I was in bed before 1AM, but this time it was because we had to get up at 3AM to catch our flight back home! It was one big Texas sized whirlwind of a weekend.

Pics from the event posted on Facebook:



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