So how’s it going with the Three Muses expansion?

Woke up today with one goal: change doorknob

This is how things went: walk dogs, get ready to go to Lowes, decide I’m also going to remove screws so I need the drill, text husband to find drill, text husband to find drill bits, text to ask if bits I found will indeed fit that drill, search for battery to charge drill, plug in drill and wonder how long it will take to charge.

Decide it is time for a Facebook break. FB and tweet frustrations about doorknob based on past doorknob replacing experiences. Still have no doorknob.

Figure since I am going to be at Lowes I should get touch up paint for hole in wall and paint for office. Also, I want a rug to cover the floor and the paint needs to match, so I also decide to get a rug.

Spend an hour at Lowes picking out rug and agonizing over minute color shade differences between grey blue, blue blue and blue green. Try to remind myself not to be swayed by color name. I’m pretty sure I once bought a shoe just because the style name was Barbarella. Still trying to convince myself I really liked the shoe. Finally settled on just the right shade that was bright but relaxed. Surfer Waves. Yes, I do like the name, but it’s also a lovely color. Also picked up chalkboard paint and magnetic paint= magnetic chalkboard FTW!

I entertained myself while waiting for the paint to be mixed by checking in on foursquare. Lowes does not have anything exciting for checking in. Feel I should earn a home improvement badge or something…

Realize I still do not have doorknob.

So with cart full of paint, various painting accessories and a 10.5 ft. rug tucked under my arm and sticking out of the front of my cart like a jousting lance, I barge through the aisles of Lowes shouting “Excuse me! Don’t want to poke you!” This proves effective and I find the doorknob quickly and manage to get through Lowes with considerable speed.

So I get to the shop and am confronted with a printer that won’t work. That could be an entire chapter but I’ll shorten it to this: had it just past Staples’ return policy date so called HP. Two hours later, after fondling every nook and cranny of the machine while turning it on and off, they admit it is just straight out broken and agree to send me a new one.

After that and 5 million other small things, doorknob is still in my car with all my stuff I got at Lowes. It is now time for me to leave and get home to feed the dogs. So I spend the last 10 minutes running to car and back because I will at least get that doorknob in the office before I leave! It takes three trips before I give up and leave the last bag in the car. But I at least got up the rug, paint, drill and then finally, the doorknob.

So here’s my to-do list tomorrow: change doorknob


2 thoughts on “So how’s it going with the Three Muses expansion?

    • Mine said Carraige Jam, which was a new one on me! HP seemed to be convinced it was paper jam related however. We spent an hour dealing with an imaginary paper jam that may have been causing the very real carraige jam. In the end, it was just really jammed up for good.


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