Just the beginning of summer and things are already heating up at Three Muses!

The store seems to be growing by leaps and bounds this year, even in the middle of what is usually the quiet season! Some of you may recall last year we were closed on Saturdays during the summer and then I actually closed the store all of July and took off for a little European adventure. That won’t be the case this year. We will be open even more days and hours, hopefully starting in July, August at the latest. The only time we will be closing is the week of DragonCon, as that is the kick off to our busy busy no sleep working 24-7 Halloween season.

We have more corsets than ever, and they seem to be multiplying behind my back. And now we’ve added leather! Nice, heavy real deal leather cinchers and corsets. We’ve phased out most of the higher priced costumes in favor of ones around $30-$40 that can be used as great starter pieces to create your own original look. The masquerade mask selection has exploded so much I haven’t had a chance to get most of them on the website. Who knew there were so many masquerades in Jacksonville? And as always, we have managed to keep the masks at an affordable range of $10-$20 while offering a unique selection straight from New Orleans.

The newest upcoming additons this summer will be pin-up dresses, more eyelashes and Xotic Eyes body and eye art, which we hope to grow into a full make-up counter before Halloween.

I am adding new items to the website nearly every day, but I never seem to be able to get it all on there. So there will always be more in the store than you see online. But you can see and shop about 80% of the store on the Three Muses website. And remember, if you see it on the website, we have it in the store.(with the exception of some of the shoes and custom made outfits)

Stop in and visit us this summer!

– Candy Keane

Owner, Three Muses Inspired Clothing

Celeste, Candy, Brema and Bridget of Three Muses

Celeste, Candy, Brema and Bridget of Three Muses



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