This weekend in the Muse

We’ve had one busy week after another and are just trying to keep up! A couple of fun photoshoots led to some great new photos. I posted some on my portfolio site for the new Harley Quinn outfit. More pics to come from several more costumes!

Coming up this weekend we have the Factory Prom on Saturday Night and The Steampunk Exhibition East on Sunday. The expo will be going on all weekend Fri-Sun, but we can only make it out for the last day. Looking forward to doing some shopping in the Grand Bazaar, checking out Cupcake Burlesque and watching the costume contest finals.

All weekend long we’ll be getting clips for the new video blog we’ve been planning. In the last year 2 different producers have contacted Three Muses about doing a reality show. Nothing has come out of either contact so far, so we decided we might as well just do our own show. So coming soon: The Thursday Evening Muse. We’ll be doing a wrap-up of the week, a little shop talk about what’s new in the store and what’s going on, maybe a how-to segment on costuming and then a details on the fun events coming up that weekend. More details coming soon… 🙂

Steampunk fairies

Steampunk Fairies, ready for battle



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