Three Muses MegaCon 2012 Wrap-up

Three Muses headed to MegaCon 2012 this past weekend where we teamed up with cosplay model Victoria for one great convention. You can read Victoria’s MegaCon review on her blog:

MegaCon has gotten bigger every year and has really grown since our first time there in 2007. More people, more costumes, more stuff to look at! The level of costuming has gone up as well. We saw a lot of great outfits.

We spent Saturday just walking around as Wonder Woman (new 52 style), Arisia and Clark Kent. Saturday night we went to the Arkham Nights party as Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Batgirl. Sunday we did Dazzler, Mortis, Wonder Woman, Black Canary and Moon Knight. Dazzler started the day on skates but had to take them off because they were “forbidden” according to security. We then saw at least 2 other people on skates and 3 on rollerblades. Guess they just couldn’t handle the disco skates… But it still worked out well since the skate covers went over my sneakers.

Check out all our pictures on Facebook:



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