Santa and Mrs. Claus costumes in Jacksonville Magazine Christmas Spectacular

Jacksonville Magazine

Jacksonville Magazine Christmas Spectacular

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from Jacksonville Magazine asking if I made Santa costumes. They were putting together their Christmas Spectacular issue and were looking for unique local items to feature. The fact that I had not made a Santa suit before did not stop me from saying “Yes, of course!” I figured I can make just about anything, it’s just that nobody had asked for a Santa suit yet.

So Brema and I dove into the project determined to make a swanky Santa suit and elegant Mrs. Claus dress in just one week. Since this would be representing Three Muses style, I didn’t want it to be the same old red velvet suit and frumpy dress. We picked out a red microsuede fabric and Vogue suit pattern for Santa and a deep red stretch satin for Mrs. Claus. Both outfits were trimmed in white plush faux fur with a hint of sparkle. Since this was going to be a younger version of the couple, I got a blond beard instead of white and a poinsettia headband instead of the usual Mrs. Claus bonnet.

One week later we were ready to go and my husband Sean and I went to the Jacksonville Magazine office to model the new outfits. The result was a great full page photo in the December issue along with a nice little write-up on the business. Somehow my first name got spelled with a “K” but I can’t complain because at least the business name was correct and “Kandy Keane” is close enough. And to give credit where credit is due, I made the dress, but Brema made the suit. (I just added the fur trim and made the hat) Overall it was still great press for the holidays and we are excited to be included in this issue!

Three Muses Santa and Mrs. Claus in Jacksonville Magazine

Three Muses Santa and Mrs. Claus in Jacksonville Magazine


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