Don’t Come Around Here No More, promoting innovations in baking since 1985

There a new book out called I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story of the Music Video Revolution that tells the story of the first decade of MTV. Like any kid in the 80’s I watched my fair share of music videos and their impression has lasted way longer than MTV’s programming format. In case you didn’t notice, it’s hard to catch on actual video on MTV anymore!

Several of my costumes have been inspired by those early golden years of music videos so I was particularly excited to get this e-mail recently:

“Hi Candy,
Just saw the costumes you created for Comic Con based on the video I conceived and directed for Tom Petty- they were fantastic!
Best regards,
Jeff (Stein)”

After e-mailing with Jeff a bit, I learned a few interesting tidbits about the video for Don’t Come Around Here No More and the sensation it caused when it came out. All I remember is being both fascinated and totally freaked out by the video. I loved the concept and costumes and the video inspired several versions of my Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter costumes.

From Jeff: “So you know you weren’t the only one- the video also completely freaked Tipper Gore’s daughter and was the reason she started the PMRC to police music videos!  I was also cited by a parent/ teachers watchdog organization for “promoting cannibalism”!
Anyway, I really didn’t mean to scare the kiddies!  I thought it was only rock ‘n’ roll…”

This kiddie was 10 years old, and I think that pig in the baby carraige probably gave me nightmares but I still watched the video every time it came on. And I’m betting the Alice cake eating scene probably launched a few unique bakery ideas… But I think that’s the job of a good video- being tantalizing enough to stick in your head for 25 years. I remembered Tom Petty’s giant hat, blond hair and little glasses and enough other people remembered it well enough to know exactly where my inspiration came from. My Alice was a little more obscure since I drew my inspiration from the checkered set and the 3 ladies black and white bodysuits.

Alice and the Mad Hatter

Alice and the Mad Hatter


2 thoughts on “Don’t Come Around Here No More, promoting innovations in baking since 1985

  1. That so cool! It is awesome to get feedback like that. I will say, of all your costumes (aside from the Millas that is) this is my favorite. I am already trying to talk my husband into creating his take on the Mad Hatter.


    • Mad Hatter is a great husband costume! It’s so easy to get the guys to dress up when all they have to do is wear a big hat and a suit 🙂 I don’t have many men’s costumes in the shop, but I always keep mad hatter hats in stock for the guys since there are so many girl’s costumes it can go with.


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