LeeLoo attends Montreal ComicCon

LeeLoo at Montreal ComicCon

LeeLoo at Montreal ComicCon

Montreal ComicCon is going on this weekend and our LeeLoo already sent pics from her adventure and ended up being photographed for the Montreal Gazette.
Sophie purchased the Three Muses Futuristic Element costume during our presale event, which was supposed to ship Oct. 1st. However when we heard she was going to wear it to the Montreal Comiccon, we made sure she got it in time as long as she promised to send photos. It’s just so fun to see Three Muses costumes at events around the world! (Currently the full costume is unavailable, but we do still make the suspenders)

From Sophie: “I am back from the Montreal Comic Con, and it was a hit !!! Everyone wanted to take pictures and were happy to see something different in terms of costumes. As promised, I will send you a few pictures once I get the ones taken by my friends. You can pick the ones you like 🙂
Thanks again, lots of fun, and for sure I will think of you next time I need a quality costume. ”
– Sophie

She said there were many shouts of “multi-pass” as she walked around and one photographer even had her pose holding his metro card to recreate the famous scene after she forgot to bring her own multi-pass. How did she expect to get into Fhloston Paradise without it?

LeeLoo and ScoobyDoo

LeeLoo and ScoobyDoo


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