Store Closed for our annual trek to DragonCon Sept. 1-5, 2011

Time to close up shop, pack up the costumes and head to Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA for 4 days of dressing up, parties and general pre-Halloween mayhem Sept 1-5.  We are looking forward to seeing our customers out and about sporting their Three Muses wear. The store will be closed during this time.

We won’t have a booth, but will be wandering around in costume and just enjoying the con. If you do recognize one of us, please stop and say hi!

Our DragonCon costume schedule:

Thursday: Alice in Wonderland group

Friday: (day) Super Girl, Wonder Girl  / (night) Amazonia Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Bat Girl (the black and gold outfits)

Saturday: (day) Slave Leias & Yoda, (afternoon) Sith cheerleaders, (night) Day of the Dead themed outfits

Sunday: (day) Monster High group / (night) LeeLoo &  Corbin Dallas




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