Cosplay Girl Victoria debuts new Wonderous Woman costume at Wizard World

Victoria got the very first 2011 edition of the Three Muses Wonderous Woman costume and wore it out to the Philadelphia Comic Con, a.k.a Wizard World. She sent us a great write-up of her con experience and what it was like to be an Amazon for a day:

The ever popular Wizard World convention hit the City of Brotherly Love last weekend with record breaking crowds. Beginning  June 17th and running through the 18th, I was personally invited to the show by the organization and debuted the Wonderous Woman 2011 costume made by the talented Candy at  . The costume, which comes complete with a steel boned corset, lasso of truth, tiara, wrist cuffs and star spangled shorts has easily become my favorite in my cosplay closet. Everything was made of the highest quality and stands out against other Wonder Woman costumes currently on the market. The highly detailed outfit drew compliments from actress Margot Kidder (Lois Lane in the Superman films) and actor John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville) as well as vendors, fans and employees of the convention center. The most memorable moments came from children at the event who literally became speechless yet smiled widely when they laid eyes on “Wonder Woman.” It was also a very memorable experience for me; I have been dreaming of being Wonder Woman since spinning around the living room watching the Lynda Carter series as a child and it was  a dream come true to finally “become” her. My thanks to Three Muses Clothing as well as the fans who sponsored this cosplay. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to become the Amazon Princess!
Thank you
Photos of Victoria from the convention:

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