New Wonderous Woman costume, accessories and cape for 2011

When we learned the bustier we use to make one of the most popular costumes on the website was being discountinued, the first step was to buy everything they had left. They next step was to design a new version of the Wonderous Woman using a base piece for the handpainted top that would regularly available and upgrade the quality in the process.

Wonderous Woman Costume 2011

Wonderous Woman Costume 2011

The final design features a red satin corset, fully steel boned with steel front busk and modesty panel in back. The corset laces up the back, making it easier to custom fit the top on your own. The corset features a long line design and dips down in the front creating a great shape for the gold design and eliminating the need for a seperate belt.

The bottoms are made the same (why mess with a good thing?) but we will soon be adding the option of choosing a skirt. The boycut star print bottoms are made with a stretchy but sturdy nylon lycra blend and the skirt will be made from a similar but lighter material.

Wonder Woman accessories

Wonder Woman accessories

The accessories also got an upgrade and are now individually hand cut and molded from a lightweight flexible gold mirror styrene. The cuffs are open in the back to fit a large range if sizes, but you also have the option of chooisng XS or XL for hard to fit wrists. The tiara has combs on the ends that can be pointed back or down, depending on how you choose to wear the tiara. Each accessory has a red star applique attached and sealed with an outline of red dimensional paint.

2015 Update: Tiara is now made on a headband. We found that the combs did not securely hold the tiara in place.

We still offer the regular full length starred Wonderous Cape but have a new cheaper version for people who just want a little something for extra coverage. The new Hero Cape follows the same color pattern but is shorter and does not have stars.

Hero Cape

Hero Cape

And for those nit-picky editors out there, yes we are aware “wondrous” is spelled wrong in our “Wonderous Woman”, but the costume name just wouldn’t be the same without a little “wonder” in it.


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