A day of pirating at Fernandina Shrimp Festival

Three Muses at the Fernandina Shrimp Festival

Three Muses at the Fernandina Shrimp Festival

This Saturday the Three Muses pirates headed to Fernandina Beach for the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp festival. Saturday was the day of the big pirate invasion and Best Pirate contest, so we expected to see a lot of pirates. What we saw mostly were small children in pirate hats yelling arrr at us. After a few weak attempts at arrring back at them, we decided this was going to require margaritas.

So we headed to Pablos, the tastiest Mexican restaurant on the island, and indulged in some delicious top shelf ritas and quesadillas.

Marrrrrgaritas at Pablos

Marrrrrgaritas at Pablos

We saw our first pirates there at the bar. They did not set the bar very high for the day, as one was wearing Teva sandals and their outfits were a little more on the mardi gras/3 muskateers side with colorful fake feathers in their hats. Since there had been the pirate contest earlier, we were expecting to see a few authentic looking pirate outfits. So went off in search of better pirates, this time enthusiastically arrrring back at everyone and pausing to take photos. We also took a little time to look at all the great antiques, arts and crafts on display at the festival.

After much searching, we not only found a house that had a pirate ship for a porch, but actually had a great looking pirate standing right outside! We paused for some pirate chit chat and to take a photo. He gets our vote for Best Pirate of the day.

Best Pirate at Shrimp Fest

Best Pirate at Shrimp Fest (according to us)

After successfully finding one good pirate, we headed to the Palace Saloon to try the famous Pirate Punch. They had tents set up in the back with a great live band and a full bar. Since there are no drinks allowed on the streets, we enjoyed the band and the punch, took pics with Captain Morgan and then went back to wandering the streets and passing out business cards.

So even though we saw a total of 5 other pirates there, we still had a lot of fun and passed out a lot of cards, so the promo was a success. Just another hard day of work for Three Muses….

See all our photos in the Flickr gallery: Three Muses pirates at Shrimp Fest

Custom made Three Muses pirate costumes

Candy and Brema at the Shrimp Festival


7 thoughts on “A day of pirating at Fernandina Shrimp Festival

  1. We were there mates ye just didn’t look hard enough! Arrrr. either on stage or booth or mingleing or even better in Pirate School in the kids zone teaching thee wee ones how to be pirates!!!! Lady K aka Kat


  2. Yes we were there. Did you go to the main stage when the invasion was staged With all the authentic black powder and cannon blasts. I am sorry but we work very hard every year promoting the festival and entertaining the masses. Check out the Videos on Youtube for Shrimp Festival 2011.


    • I’m sure the pirates did a great job, I just expected to see more mingling through the crowd. It was my first time at the festival, and I didn’t know they only congregated in the main area. Most places we went, we were the only pirates there. We will certainly have to make it out there in time for the invasion next year.


      • If you we3re up by the pirate ship then you had to have see us. Yo saw how many paople were there you just isse us as we always circulate


  3. Hi Mates,Thank you for the kind words.I enjoy entertaining aduts and children with pirate talk ,pictures and free beads.I wasn’t as mobile this year due to knee surgery but will be back next year ready to party.I show up in Fernandina when I can to give the vacationers a chance to talk to a pirate and take some pictures.Mabey I’ll see you on one of my many adventures and for sure at the next Shrimp Festival. Captain Tim – Treasure Pirate.


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