Three Muses Candy Keane on the cover of the Folio, Sweet!

Last month I got a very exciting phone call from the Folio Weekly asking me about not only being interviewed, but also shooting for the cover and doing a short video. I did not have to think this one over for very long (about .2 seconds) before saying “yes!”

Folio writer Kara Pound came to the store and spent some time getting to know both me and my shop. She was very easy to talk to and appeared to be absorbing the details as my stories jumped from summers with grandma to parties at the Playboy mansion. I’m anxious to see what she deciphered from my excited blubbering. Trying to make some sense out of how I went from FL to CA and back to FL again, all while using a journalism degree to start a costuming career would be a challenge for anyone. In my nervousness, I spent most of the interview clutching a giant lady bug pillow that usually occupies one of the shop chairs. I’m hoping none of the descriptive details start with “as she stroked the lady bug antennae…”

Candy Keane on the cover of Folio Weekly

Candy Keane on the cover of Folio Weekly

Soon after that, I went to the Folio office to shoot the cover for the Book of Love issue. We were shooting a custom corset for the cover and a Wonder Woman outfit to possibly accompany the article. The art director was going for a pin-up girl sort of look, which was exactly what I was thinking too. Perfect! I had brought a few props with me to play with and they ended up going with the pic of me holding a big glitter heart over my heart. Funny thing is, that’s exactly what I was picturing when I picked the heart out!

The photo shoot also doubled as a video shoot for the Folio website. While I’m very familiar with still photography, I have very little video experience and tried to not let this part visibly rattle me. I usually try to avoid video cameras because I feel the final result is going to be me being awkward and squeaky. The videographer managed to make me feel at ease and I got through it with just a dash of dorky and even kept my voice mostly out of the helium range.

I was very happy to have my assistant Brema there to help and make-up artist Erin Foster to make the make-up look cover-worthy. The issue will be on newsstands tomorrow, 2/8, but you can get a sneak peak at the video now on youtube:


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