Three Muses provides retro style for Thunder Roads Magazine

Photographer Bill Potts contacted me recently for wardrobe for a cover shoot for Thunder Roads magazine. He was shooting a 70’s style bike and wanted something gogo girl to go with it. The shop is always stocked with little 60s/70s dresses so I had just the thing.  Model Aerin got the last of the little front zip daisy dresses, but you can still get the pink fishnet leggings and gogo boots to go with any of the other outfits!

Retro Go Go Aerin, photo by Bill Potts

Retro Go Go Aerin, photo by Bill Potts

And I got a super nice thank you note from Bill:

“Candy, I can’t thank you enough for your help finding the perfect outfit for our 70’s inspired shoot. The outfit was perfect, my client loved it, and Aerin looked great in it. On top of being perfect for the shoot, your prices were incredibly reasonable. You went above and beyond what I expected and made the process simple to take care of from a distance. Again, thank you very much. “


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