New twist on a Slave Leia inspired outfit: the Gothic Slave Girl

When Lady Rosetta told me her husband was going to be Darth Vader at DragonCon this year, I instantly knew what outfit she needed to go with it:  a black leather and silver Slave Leia inspired Gothic Slave Girl costume. After making so many of the regular color deluxe slave girl outfits, it was fun to make something in a new color scheme and fabric.

The photos were shot by Adam White of A Whites Photography. Adam is moving to Virginia Beach and we’re gonna miss him! Glad we had a great last shoot.

See more photos from the shoot and Lady Rosetta wearing Three Muses couture at: 

and visit Lady Rosetta’s own website:

Slave Leia gets spanked by Darth Vader

Bad Slave Girl! No darkside cookies!


4 thoughts on “New twist on a Slave Leia inspired outfit: the Gothic Slave Girl

  1. This is a completely random question but I can’t figure it out even after reading your tutorial- how do you do the side “ovals” on the belt for the skirt? Are they the same material as the front plates? Because I just can’t get the fit right and it’s driving me nuts. It’s my first attempt at cosplay and the only piece that’s giving me so much trouble.


    • The ovals are actually cut out of the waistband (3″ elastic) before the skirt is sewn on. Then they are covered in dimensional paint to give it a hammered appearance, then covered with a few layers of metallic gold paint, then outlines again with dimentional paint. It’s hard to explain…But by keeping the ovals as part of the skirt and elastic, it makes them fit against the body nicer.


      • Re-reading the instructions that makes complete sense. I must have had a mental block about painting the elastic- because the instructions are clear in retrospect.

        Thank you so much for the response- I’m really hoping to have this ready for GenCon but it’s all new for me.


      • Glad I could help! It’s an ambitious choice for a first time cosplay! Not sure if I added this in my tutorial, but be sure to treat all your cut edges with “Fray-Stop” or a similar product. That will keep your outfit looking nicer longer after all that hard work.


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