And now for something a little different

I am a costume designer first and a seamstress second. There are seamstress type things that drive me absolutely crazy (hidden zippers, buttonholes, curved hems…little annoying stuff) and I can usually work around that in costuming with a little creative ingenuity.  Costuming requires a variety of talents besides just sewing. Ball gowns, now that’s an entirely different thing. You can’t decide to make a dress velcro up the back because you don’t want to do a zipper.

So when Robert, a friend and long-time customer asked if I would make a few dresses for his companion on an upcoming cruise, I initially said no because I wasn’t sure if I was up to the challenge. I had made a couple for myself and it was a LOT of hard work. But after a little persistence and persuasiveness, I found myself surrounded in satin and sewing away.

Turns out, Zlata loved the dresses and they looked beautiful on her. Robert sent me pics from their cruise. The two I’m posting are of the pink satin strapless ball gown that I made. The black embroidered part is a corset I made and attached to the dress, and it laces up the back with a pink ribbon. I also did matching bow-ties for Robert to go with all Zlata’s dresses.

Zlata and Robert

Zlata and Robert

Pink Ball Gown

Pink Ball Gown

” Zlata LOVED the dresses, so did I, she looked wonderful. The bow ties were perfect as well (very clever idea that!)  The first dress for the first night was the pink dress she said “I feel like a princess” 🙂  I will send pictures later today.  Thankyou SO much” -Robert

Comments like that make all the hard work worth it!


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