How to choose the right size bustier

Having trouble choosing your bustier size for the Madonna costume?

Getting the right fit on these can be tricky because of the built-in bra cups. You want it to fit your waist and hips without the cups being too big or small. The bodice is made of stretch lace, so that helps with the fit. The sizes are based on bra sizes.

A general guide would be:

32 = A cup

34 =  A/B cup

36 = C/D cup

38 = D/DD cup

So what if you are a larger cup size and smaller bust size? Go one size up. For example, a 34D would wear a 36 bustier.

For smaller cup size and larger bust size, go one size smaller. For example, a 36B would wear a 34

If your bust and cup size are very different, your best option is to go with the closest fit and then wear a lacy bra underneath. This gives you a great 80s layered look and fits well with the overall Madonna theme. She is known for making underwear into outerwear! You can make the layering even more obvious by wearing it over a black lace bra, like they did when the costume was worn on the TV show Being Erica.

Check out actress Erin Karpluk wearing a 80’s Madonna costume by Three Muses in this episode from season one, now playing on Mi casa, Su casa Loma (and no, it isn’t in spanish)


2 thoughts on “How to choose the right size bustier

  1. I am so horrible about picking the right size things when it comes to lingerie, so I was hoping you could help me out. I’m trying to buy a bustier to wear under a tight-fitting dress for a Christmas party, but I’m a little leery about ordering the wrong size. The bra I usually wear is a 42D – it’s comfortably snug around the band, and there’s a little extra room in the cups, so I’m considering a 40D for a bustier. I’m a little chubby (which is why I want the bustier), but I don’t want to get one that’s too big and thus won’t properly shape my tummy area. Would this size be a safe bet, or should I go smaller?


    • If I was going on bra size alone, I’d say yes that size will work. I’m not really going to be much help though, because all bustiers fit differently and I’m only familiar with the ones we carry in the store.


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