Frequently asked questions about Slave Leia costumes

This portion of the blog will address many of the questions people have about Slave Leia. More Q & A will be added as questions come in! Send your questions to:

Q. Who is Slave Leia?

A. Slave Leia refers to the costume based on the outfit worn by Princess Leia when she is captured, enslaved and chained to Jabba the Hut in the movie Return of the Jedi. It’s a very short part of the movie, but it left a BIG impression!

Q. Do you carry officially licensed Slave Leia costumes?

A. Yes! We do stock the officially licensed Star Wars Sexy Slave Leia by Secret Wishes. We also have photos posted next to the catalog photo so you can see what the costume actually looks like. Unfortunately, it dos not look like the catalog photo provided by the manufacturer. The officially licensed version is made of rubber and is very low quality. But if you are looking for a simple one night outfit for a party, then it is perfect and a bargain at around $50.

Q. Do you make Slave Leia costumes?

A. No. We make custom Slave Girl costumes based on customer’s requests. Customers can choose colors and designs as they see fit. Our Slave costumes are originals, and no two are exactly the same. Everything is handmade and custom ordered.

Q. How can I order a custom costume?

A. Please contact us at for details on customizing your costume, or place an order on the website for one of our standard designs.

Q. Why do some people choose green or grey instead of tan for the top?

A. The real costume is tan on top, but on some of the promo shots and some TV screens, the costume appears greenish or greyish so that is the image some people remember as accurate. And for some it is just a color choice according what color looks best on them.

Q. Can I get the costume made in any colors?

A. Yes! Our costumes are completely custom, so if you can have any colors you want for top and bottom, even different colors for the part that is gold. It would just add about a week to your delivery time so we can go out and get your specially requested paint colors and fabrics.

Q. Are the bikini and accessories made of metal?

A. No, they are all made of different materials. The top is made from soft bra cups, covered with a thick cord that has a wire inside. The cord is then painted with several layers of gold paint and metallic gold leafing to create a golden metal appearance. The bottom plates are made from styrene sheets that are cut and handpainted with the relief design and then painted over with metallic gold.  The wrist cuff is made from a soft foam sheeting material and has a velcro closure. The hair accessories are made from the same material and each have a comb attached to the back to slide into your hair. The snake arm band is made from the same material used made to make the top. The regular collar is made from velcro with claws and chain attached. The chain is actually real metal, not plastic. The deluxe chain collar is a real leather collar.

Q. Can I buy individual parts?

A. Sometimes! It depends on the materials we have in stock. Please contact us for details if you want individual pieces.

Q. I’m on a budget- so these ever go on sale?

A. Yes, the price fluctuates with our busy seasons. The lowest price is usually available January – May. We sometimes have some with minor flaws or costumes worn once for a shoot that are available at a discount. You are welcome to inquire about these at any time.

Q. Can I put padding in the top?

A. Yes, there is room to add padding. Your best option is to glue in soft “cookie pads” which can be found at any fabric/sewing store.

Q. Can the top support a larger chest size?

A. The regular top on the deluxe costume can be customize to make it more comfortable for larger cup sizes. You have the option of adding an extra back strap on the top or having a full back strap like a regular bra. You can also have it made with a clear strap that goes around the neck. This is only done by request, but does not cost anything extra.

Q. I got my slave costume last year and it is looking a little worn, how can a spruce it up?

A. A can of gold spray paint will work wonders. While all our pieces are painted, then sealed with clear gloss, then painted again for a metallic finish, you will still get normal wear and tear on the costume. Usually it only appears on the accessories and gold plates. Just cover all your pieces in gold spray paint and they will look good as new.

Q. My costume broke- how do I fix it?

A. If anything on your costume breaks within the first 6 months, we will fix it for free. Just send back the broken part with a note and we will take care of it. After 6 months, contact us for info. There will be a small charge just for materials and shipping.

Q. How well do these hold up and what might go wrong?

A. I have worn various editions of the costume for 5 or 6 years now, so everything that could go wrong, has. The older neck straps are made of leather cord. If you pull really really hard on them, they might snap. If this does happen, send it back and it will be fixed. If it happens while you are out, just tie it back together where it broke and cut the knot close. This will get you by for a while. It’s rare, but it happened once to me when I yanked too hard tying the top one time. The newest tops are made with a strong black satin fabric cord and will not snap.

The skirt itself is pretty sturdy, but if you have the thicker foam-backed gold plates, they can get creases and marks on them. This is usually easily fixed with a coating of gold spray paint. If you completely crush them, you can send them back to be replaced. Also, if you tug hard the wrong way on the plates, the velcro could come off. It usually just sticks back on, but again, if you have any problems, everything is fixable. The new plates are made from styrene sheets and resist creasing, though the metallic paint can still get scratched.

Q. I have an older version, but like the new design or new materials. Can I trade in my old parts for the new ones?

A. Yes! There will be a small fee for materials and shipping, but that’s it. We are happy to upgrade you to the newest and best design. Contact us for more info.

Q. Can I take this to the drycleaners?

A. No! Handwash only! A drycleaner will removed the bonds on the glued parts and your costume will never be the same.

Q. What exactly is the bottom under the skirt?

A. Each costume comes with a black thong with clear sides. The thong is a One Size only item, so it does not fit all sizes. If it does not fit when you get it, the best alternative is tan colored underwear with thin sides. We used to sell them seperately on the website, but they have been discontinued so we stocked up and now only sell them with the costume.

Q. Can I get my costume faster than 2 weeks?

A. Yes, we have a Rush Order option for an extra $50. This option will only be displayed when we can guarantee it.

Q. Hey, why did the price go up?

A. You must be shopping close to Halloween! The price on custom costumes goes up as we get closer to Halloween because we get more orders than we can handle. So the Halloween price basically already includes a rush fee and faster shipping if neccessary. We will not take an order we can’t fill when you need it. The price returns to normal when it is not Halloween season.

Q. Can I get the back panel made a little wider so it isn’t so revealing back there?

A. Yes! We can make the back panel an inch or two wider than the photos show.

Q. How long will it take to get my order?

A. Allow at least 2 weeks for your order to be ready to ship. We do offer an express rush order option when we can accomodate rush orders in 3 days or less. If you need it by a certain date, please let us know. Orders may take longer during Halloween season, but we will get it to you before Halloween.

Q. What material is the skirt made of?

A. The bargain sci-fi slave girl is crushed velvet and the deluxe slave girl is Fidelio Micro-Velvet.


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