What are people saying about Three Muses custom costumes?

We often post customer comments with their photos, but sometimes we get just the comments. So here’s a sampling of what people are saying about Three Muses Inspired Clothing:
“OH MY…. I just got the top today, and i think it’s probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen on me. I mean, completely gorgeous… you did an incredible job!! Thanks again SO much, it’s absolutely gorgeous! At a later date I am thinking of getting the rest of the costume, or my boyfriend might pay for it for my birthday present. Or his birthday present, you know. Anyways thanks again, I am thrilled with it and your wonderful communication throughout!”
* From an eBay customer who bought the custom Slave Girl top
“Candy,We received the costume, my girlfriend just loves it! The bra fits her perfectly, she even thinks it’s the best fitting and most comfortable bra she’s ever owned. So we did a good job of estimating her size. So all in all we’re very happy with what we got, it even looks better on her than I imagined. Just wanted to email to say thank you very much and that you did an excellent job with the costume.Again, thanks for the great service and we’d be more than happy to do business with you again, which I’m sure will happen at some point.Thank you, Marc L. ”
* From customer who surprised his girlfriend with a Slave Girl outfit and had to guess at her measurements
“Hello,I got the package yesterday. Thank you very much! The costume is beautiful! Can I ask what type of bra you got? I actually like it better than the bras I normally wear.Thanks again and take care -Sam”
* From a customer who got the Sci-Fi Slave outfit


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