Freddy Krueger costume: from packaged piece to costume couture

This Halloween, as the owner of Three Muses, I was insanely busy. With no time to create a costume from scratch, I picked one that I couldn’t sell because it arrived damaged. The sexy Freddy Krueger costume by Rubies looked pretty cool, but as soon as I took it out of the package, one of the blades fell off the glove. As I was tyring to fix it, another one fell off. So after some ingenuity and a little beading wire, everything was wired back on and fully mobile.

Then I tried on the dress and found there was nothing sexy about a scratchy sweater that come up to my chin and down to my knees. And the claw marks are not positioned on the stomach, like shown in the photo, but up higher so it shows your bra. So I came up with a new costume idea- someone who was attacked by Freddy and then possessed.

To get the attacked look, I cut out the neck so the dress fit down on my shoulders. This also repositioned the claws marks lower so now they were in the same place as on the catalog photo. Then I cut the dress shorter on one side and added slash marks to the arms and back. Cutting the neck out left me with a baggy sack of a dress, so I took it in several inches in the back. Once I got a decent fit, I found a brown bra and sewed the front of the dress to the bra so the bra straps would hold up the front and let everything hang like it had been ripped off. To complete the look, I added ripped red fishnets and some beat-up black work boots.

The make-up was the final touch, so check back for my next post, where I will explain how to do the make-up and what products I used to achieve the nasty Freddy Krueger look.

The photo on the left is my Freddy Krueger and the photo on the right is the catalog photo:


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