Slave Girl Madellaine survives ComicCon and makes it onto Yahoo Movies

The photos from ComicCon are just starting to come in! Our first glimpse of the festivities is from Madellaine, who is wearing the Deluxe Slave Girl costume.

You can see her in the Yahoo Movies ComicCon gallery:

It takes a second for the photo to load and switch to the right page.
She wore the costume all day, participated in the group photo and braved the general mob scene that is ComicCon.
“I saw lots of other slave costumes, and I mustsay, mine (yours) is my favorite. I find it to be themost flattering of all the ones I have seen. Peoplestopped me to ask where I had gotten it, and I gavethem your website address (hope that’s okay). Thanksagain for a phenomenal costume, which led to anawesomely fun Comic Con experience. I had a blast!”-Madellaine


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