New limited edition Desperately Seeking Susan jackets available

Desperately Seeking Susan Jacket

Desperately Seeking Susan Jacket

For a limited time I’ll be making some fun little shrug jackets in the Desperately Seeking Susan jacket style. They will be available in sizes XS-L and will be just $50 (the regular style ones avg. $250)

I just finished the first one and have it up on Etsy at:


*If the jacket has sold or you need another size, please e-mail


Desperately Seeking Susan Jacket replica Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

When I started making this jacket I discovered a lot of people loved this movie as much as I did. I was a huge Madonna fan when I was little, and still am. While the movie isn’t exactly Oscar material, it was entertaining and really embodied Madonna’s unique 80s style. The stand-out piece in the costume wardrobe was that jacket, reportedly owned by Jimi Hendrix…or was it Elvis? Either way, we all wanted one. And now you can have your very own Desperately Seeking Susan jacket!

I’m always working on new jackets and post them when they are ready for sale. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below and if you’d like to be added to the waiting list, send an e-mail to with jacket color preference and size. You’ll get an e-mail when one is ready.


Desperately Seeking Susan jacket

Desperately Seeking Susan jacket


1) Is this an exact replica?

No. These are handmade and each jacket is different. I would consider them more like “artistic interpretations.” This is not a manufactured replicated copy.

2) Why don’t you take custom orders?

Each jacket takes a long time to do and each one turns out a little different. I don’t use stencils for the design. Also, fabric availability comes and goes. I want people to know exactly what they are getting when they buy this, so each jacket is made then photographed and posted with several photos and details.

3) How often do you make them?

I only make about 10 a year. They take a long time to do and I often work on one in bits and pieces for a month before it is ready.

4) Where can I buy one?

People on the waiting list get a chance to buy them before they are posted for sale. If there are no takers, then jackets are posted for sale when ready at:

If you’d like to be added, just e-mail me at and include what size and color you are most interested in.

5) How much do they cost?

Jackets are priced anywhere from $150 – $350 depending on materials used and how they come out.

6) Is the back design embroidered?

No. The current design is a mix of fabric paint, sequins and satin fabric. Everything is done by hand, with no pattern, stencils or iron-ons. Each jacket is a little different because of that.

7) What is the difference between handmade and upcycled?

While all the jackets are hand-embellished, I do 2 different types:

Handmade – these are fully handmade from scratch start to finish.

Upcycled – these are jackets I have found in thrift stores and thought they would make great Madonna jackets, so I have embellished them and usually changed the collar and cuffs.

8) What sizes do they come in?

Sizes XS-XL, and generally size 2 – 14

9) What color are they?

The real jacket was an olive green with a metallic shimmer, but many people remember it as black. So I make them in 2 colors- an olive green and black. Every jacket is coated with a layer of very fine gold or silver glitter so it gives off a nice shimmer.

10) How do I clean the jacket?

Due to painting and embellishments, I do not recommend dry-cleaning. Try to spot clean and Febreeze. If you must wash, they are best cleaned by hand washing in cold water. You can soak them in soapy water or Woolite, rinse and then hang to dry.

Madonna Jacket

Desperately Seeking Susan Jacket

Looks like we finally found Susan!

The Halloween pictures are starting to come in! First up is Madonna (aka Samantha) rocking one of the few Desperately Seeking Susan style jackets we managed to get done this Halloween. Samantha nailed the look from head to toe. I suspect she may have had some experience teasing her hair before…

Desperately Seeking Susan costume

Desperately Seeking Susan costume

Desperately Seeking Susan jacket back in stock!

We make a very limited amount of these because they take so long to do! Since it is a rare item, we thought we’ve have a bit of fun and do some Madonna inspired pics with this latest Desperately Seeking Susan inspired jacket.

Each Jacket we make is a little different. These are not exact replicas, nor are they meant to be. Some are made completely from scratch and some are made from ready-made jackets and the trim is added on. The design on the back varies slightly, but all are the Great Seal like the original jacket (and back of a dollar bill). The jackets are all covered in a layer of very fine glitter for a slight shimmer, the triangle and lettering is handpainted and the sequins and red ribbon are added with fabric glue. The trim design changes according to what is available at the time.

Update 7/2014 – I’m currently doing a few lower prices jackets which can be made quicker and cost less than my usual jackets. There are a limited number available. See details at:


Desperately Seeking Susan jacket replica

Desperately Seeking Susan jacket replica